SSC 2018 Exam postpone

SSC Will Conduct Exams After 8th November 2018

Dear aspirants,

Yesterday, SSC released its tender on its official website to finalize new agency for conducting CBT Exams for SSC. Request for Proposal outed all the subtle details involved in the final selection of an eligible Service Provider. Along with the RFP data sheet, some other important information regarding new steps to be taken in upcoming SSC Exams are unveiled by the RFP Sheet itself. To let you come through all the notable information which being an SSC aspirant you must be aware of, is summed up below in pointers. The RFP claims to improve methodology for upcoming SSC Exams let it be manually or technically and ensures following changes:

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  • Ensure to maintain highest standard of confidentiality in creation, processing, maintenance, storage, encryption and administration of question set
  • Ensure that the question items are not directly taken from question papers of any other examinations during last two years.
  • Arrange for creation of items with the help of dedicated panel of subject experts
  • Questions would be created topic-wise and subsequently the same would be clubbed
  • Difficulty level of items would be assigned by one panel of subject experts and the same would be validated by another panel of subject experts
  • Pool of questions will be created topic-wise/subject-wise with proper tagging of difficulty level of each question item
  • Complete set of question papers would be generated from the pool of questions through a computerised programme just before downloading the question paper for the examination
  • Ensure that the question papers have similar difficulty level across various sets of question papers for one examination
  • Ensure proof-reading of each question.
  • Questions must be randomized
  • Sample set of question paper must be submitted to the SSC at least 15 days prior to the conduct of the Mock Test at the first venue
  • Questions shall be available only 30 minutes prior to examination. Questions shall not be available earlier than 30 minutes
  • Question set shall transmit from Central Server to Local server, or Local server to Candidates Terminal only after best encryption (as on date of examination. As on date it is at least 128 bit encryption). Questions shall not travel any path without encryptions.
  • Perfection of question should be of the highest level. In extreme cases, a maximum of 2 wrong questions in any given set of 100 questions in a shift will be allowed.
  • Encryption shall have “ZERO HUMAN INTERVENTION”.

Preparation of final scores
(a) Service Provider will finalize the answer keys within 5 days of the receipt of the challenges and provide the same to SSC.
(b) For arriving at the final scores of the candidates, an approved normalisation formula will be applied on the raw scores.
(c) Service provider will provide the scores of the candidates within 5 days of the finalisation of answer keys.

Ensure maintaining sanctity of the examination at all cost. This includes

  • Confidentiality of Question sets
  • Subject matter experts
  • Gate management and security and safety at exam venues
  • Outsourcing of activities
  • Security related to data of candidates & venues
  • Software, hardware, network and other support infrastructure

Some Important Points:-

  • Within one hour of completion of the shift, one copy of “Candidate’s examination responses” in encrypted format must be made available to SSC.
  • Coaching centres must not be used as the examination venue for the SSC exams. After preaudit, a computer lab selected for examination will not be used for any activity which could be prejudicial to the seamless conduct of SSC examination.


This notice conjoins Request for Proposal Data Sheet where different dates have been allotted to particular activities of the procurement of RFP. Some of noticeable and worth knowing dates denoting important events are as follows:


S. No Important Information Details
1 Non Refundable BID Fee Rs.20,000
2 Publication of RFP Document 17th August 2018 (Friday)
3 EMD Rs.50,00,000 (Rupees fifty lakhs only)
4 Last date for submission of written queries for clarifications. 27th August 2018 (Monday)
5 Date of Pre-bid conference 04th September 2018 (Tuesday)
6 Release of responses and clarifications on pre-bid queries 17th September 2018 (Monday)
7 Last date for receipt of proposals in response to RFP notice 03rd October 2018 (5:00 PM) (Wednesday)
8 Time and Date of opening of PreQualification bids received in response to the RFP 05th October 2018 (Friday)
9 Time and Date of opening of Technical Proposal received in response to the RFP notice for successful bidders 09th October 2018 (Tuesday)
10 Place, Time and Date for Technical Presentations 30th, 31st October 2018 (Tue, Wed) 01st November 2018 (Thu)
11 Time and Date of opening of Financial proposals received in response to the RFP notice Tentatively 08th November 2018 (Thursday) Will be informed to bidders who qualify technically
12 Contact Person for queries Deputy Secretary (General – SSC) & Consultants (NISG)
13 Addressee and Address at which proposal in response to RFP notice is to be submitted Online

Check SSC Official Notice: 17th August 2018


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