Static GK Memory Based (Previous Year) Questions Asked in Many Banking Exams

Static GK Memory Based (Previous Year) Questions Asked in Many Banking Exams:

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As we know that in current trend Static GK/Awareness playing an important role in any competitive exam like SBI Clerk, SBI PO, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, RRB PO, RRB Clerk, SSC CGL, RRB NTPC and Many more exams. SO here we are collecting the most important Static Gk Previous year question asked in many exams. You can Download PDF from the mentioned below link and you can also take the print out of it.


  1. SBI clerk mains Shift 1 (2018)
  2. SBI clerk mains Shift 2 (2018)
  3. IBPS CLERK Mains 2018
  6. SBI CLERK MAINS 2016 Shift 1
  7. SBI CLERK MAINS 2016 Shift 2

SBI clerk mains Shift 1 (2018)

1)Sports University in which city – Manipur

2)The full form of C in CBLO – Collateralized borrowing and lending obligation (CBLO)

3)International Migration organization Headquarters – Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland

4) Headquarter of AIIB located at – China

5)“R” in LRS – Remittance(Liberalised Remittance Scheme)

6) Statistics day – 29th June

7) FIFA 2026 held in which country – US, Canada and Mexico

8)LIC share bought by which of the following bank – IDBI Bank

9)Indra Sagar dam – Madhya Pradesh

10)Malabo is the capital of which country-Equatorial Guinea

11) Which is the umbrella organisation for digital payment – NPCI

12)Telenor merger with which company – Airtel

13)Pilibhit tiger reserve – Uttar Pradesh

SBI clerk mains Shift 2 (2018)

1)“F” in PFMS – Financial(Public Financial Management System)

2)Dudhwa National Park – Uttar Pradesh

3)Lusaka is the capital of – Zambia

4)National Institute of Mental Health Rehabilitation (NIMHR) at – Bhopal

5) Headquarters of ADB – Mandaluyong, Philippines

6) MSMEs Day is celebrated on – 27th June

7) Hirakud Dam – Odisha

8) The theme for Yoga Day 2018 is “Yoga for Peace.”

9) “L” in LRS – Liberalized(Liberalised Remittance Scheme)

10) Headquarters of OECD – Paris, France

11) Patratu thermal Power plant is located in which Indian State – Jharkhand

12) India’s longest road and railway bridge – Assam

13) When company is not able to lend people is also known as – bankruptcy

14) The National Digital library HQ (a project under Ministry of HRD) is located in – Kharagpur

15) IRDAI committee to review the regulations pertaining to Insurance Marketing Firms (IMF) head by whom – Suresh Mathur

16) “C ” stands in CAGR – Compound Annual Growth Rate

17) The Venue of ICC women’s world cup T20 2018 – West Indies

18) According to NITI Aayog, 40% of Indians will have no access to drinking water by – 2030

19) Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2019 – Varanasi

20) NPA – ARC(Asset Reconstruction Companies) Certificates of Deposit (CDs) is a negotiable money market instrument and issued in dematerialised form or as a – Usance Promissory Note

IBPS CLERK Mains 2018

1)The Mahanadi is a major river in East Central India. It originates from which state?- Chhatisgarh

2) Aaron James Finch is an Australian sports player. He play which sport?- Cricket

3)What is the current reverse repo rate of RBI?

4)Who is the committee head of the merger of the public sector banks?- Arun Jaitley

5)World’s first thermal battery power plant is started in which state?- Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh)

6)The difference between exports and imports is called-?- Balance of trade

7)Which of the following country to host the 11th BRICS Summit is scheduled for October 2019?- Brazil

8)What is the name of the book which was awarded the golden man Booker Prize 2018?- The English Patient

9)What is the minimum paid-up equity capital for small finance banks- 100 cr.

10)BOND-I is given by which institution?- World Bank

11)What is child sex ratio for 1000 males as per census 2011?- 919 Female

12)The Reserve Bank of India made a strong case for setting up a ___________________ in India to address the twin balance sheet problem of the banking sector and the corporate sector. – Public Credit Registry

13)In 1970, an organized resistance to the destruction of forests spread throughout India and came to be known as-? Chipko movement

14)Damdama lake is in which state?- Haryana

15)The United Nations’ (UN) International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking falls on- 26th June

16)While India stands _______________ largest in number in terms of number of World Heritage properties in ASPAC (Asia and Pacific) region.- 2nd

17)cheques, Drafts, Pay Orders and Banker’s Cheques are “valid for ___________________ months from the date of instrument.- 3 months

18)As per guidelines of the RBI, payments banks can accept demand deposits (savings and current) up to a maximum of _______________ per customer.- Rs 1,00,000

19)Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) is comes under which ministry?- Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises

20)The global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) is an international measure of acute poverty covering over 100 developing countries. Global Multidimensional Poverty Index given by-? UNDP

21)The World Economic Outlook (WEO) is a survey conducted and published by- IMF


1)The term “Back heel” is related to – Football

2)Biplab Kumar Dev is the CM of – Tripura

3)World Red cross day is observed on – 8th May

4)What is the Minimum days for guaranteed wage employment in MNGREGA – 100 days

5)Bajrang Punia is related to – Free Style Wrestling

6)The rate at which the central bank of a country (Reserve Bank of India in case of India) lends money to commercial banks in the event of any shortfall of funds – Repo Rate

7)The Headquarter of World bank located – Washington D.C (USA)

8)The Headquarter of UNESCO located – Paris

9)The currency of Denmark is – Krona

10)Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister of – Canada

11)Yudh abhyas” exercise is between India and which country – USA

12)The chairman of SEBI – Ajay Tyagi

13)Who is the head of the NPA committee – Murli Manohar Joshi

14)Padma shree, Padma bhushan awards are given on – Republic Day

15)G20 2019 summit will be held at which place – Osaka, Japan

16)The government proposed the merger of three banks — Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank

17)Free education is compulsory to children up to which age – 6 to 14 years

18)The full form of DRDO – Defence Research and Development Organisation

19)The HQ of National institute of Petroleum – Dehradun (Uttarakhand)

20)The full form of FAME – Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Vehicles

21)The HQ of European Investment Bank – Luxembourg

22)In BSBDA account how many times one can withdraw money – 4 times

23)Mahe, the smallest district is in which state – Puducherry


1)Chul chilli wildlife sanctuary located in- Odisha

2)Bhitarkanika National Park in which state- Odisha

3)Indian railway training institute of officers is in which city- Baroda, Gujarat

4)Bangaluru is situated on the bank of which river- Vrishabhavathi

5)What is the meaning of “U” in UPI- Unified

6)20th November celebrated as- Universal Child Day

7) Bhupaest is the capital of which country- Hungary

8) What is the meaning of “A” in PCA- Action

9) What is the meaning of “R” in RERA- Real (Real Estate Regulatory Agency)

10) Which have become dirty and limp due to excessive use is called- Soiled Note

11) Gobindobhog rice a speciality from- West Bengal

12) The concern for environmental sustainability by the banks has given rise to concept of- Green Banking

13) Which type of account is interest-free account- Current Account

14) What is the meaning of “A” in WMA- Advances

15) Exercise INDRA-2017, the first-ever Tri-Services Joint Exercise between Indian and- Russia

16) Lake Baikal is an ancient, massive lake in- Russia

17) What is the meaning of “S” in CERSAI- Securitisation (Central Registry of Securitisation Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest of India)

18) Partition Museum located in- Amritsar, Punjab

19) What is the meaning of “F” in IFSC- Financial (Indian Financial System Code)

20) MMID used for- Mobile Banking

21) Which institution was established in 1988- National Housing Bank

22) What is the meaning of “F” in IFC- Finance (International Finance Corporation)

23) What is the meaning of “B” in SEBI- Board (Securities and Exchange Board of India)

SBI CLERK MAINS 2016 Shift 1

1)Valmiki park in which state? Bihar

2) Where is gobi desert located? China and southern Mongolia

3) Chabahar port in which country? Iran

4)  largest nuclear plant name?

5) Piñarayi Vijayan cm of which state? Kerala

6) Currency of Israel? shekel

7) KSE-100 index? Karachi Stock Exchange.

8) Federal is the central bank of which country? the USA

9) Cibil stand for? credit information agency

10) Wular lake in which state? Jammu and Kashmir

11) Wings of fire authored by? A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

12) July 28 is observed as? World Hepatitis Day

13) What does I stand for in RIDF? Infrastructure (Rural Infrastructure Development Fund)

14) IMPS is? Immediate Payment System

15) Deadline for Basel 3 implementation? 31-March-2019

16) IDA or IFC hq? Washington D.C.

17) 11 digit code used in cheques? MICR code

18) Defence park in which state? Kerala

19) Nairobi is capital of? Kenya

20) LPG scheme name? Pahal

21) HPCA cricket stadium in? Himachal Pradesh

22) Ahmedabad on which river bank? Sabarmati

23) Bank of India HQ? Mumbai

24) Oreign trade policy – RBI / EXIM/comm ministry / none of these?

25) G in ECGC stands for? Guarantee (Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India)

26) Umaid bhavan palace in which state? Rajasthan

27) Gopinath bordoloi stadium in? Assam

SBI CLERK MAINS 2016 Shift 2

1)ARCIL fullform? Asset Reconstruction Company (India) Limited

2) A stands for in NACH? National Automated Clearing House

3) SCORES is redressal portal of? SEBI

4) Chinnar bioreserve? Kerala

5) Kishore limit MUDRA? 50,000 and up to Rs.5,00,000

6) Phnom Pehn capital of? Cambodia

7) Indonesia currency? Rupiah

8) Malabar exercise between India US and? Japan

9) Nova Scotia bank hq? Toronto, Canada

10) Amar Mahal Palace in? Madhya Pradesh

11) DICGC fullform? Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation

12) In ULIP I stand for? insurance

13) Chilka wildlife century where?- Orissa

14) Theme of environment day? Zero tolerance for the illegal trade in wildlife

15) 17july which day? International Justice Day

16) Highest mountain on earth? mount everest

17) United bank of india headquarter? kolkata

18) Jayaprakash narayana airport is at? patna bihar

19) World health organisation head office? geneva switzerland

20) Yagaon stock exchange started it’s operations in country? myanmar

21) Barbati stadium is at? Cuttack, Odisha

22) PMFBY is for? crop insurance

23) In IFSC first 4 character represent? Bank name

24) Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary? Idukki, Kerala

25) Bhagalpur, Bihar situated at? Ganga River

26) According to Census 2011, which state has highest sex ratio (1044)? Kerala

27) Author of the book “Test of My Life”? Yuvraj Singh

28) Govt decided housing for all by 2022 under scheme? PMAY

29) Jawaharlal Nehru Port is located at?  Mumbai

30) SETU program of govt. for? starups and self employement

31) Gurudongmar Lake 17800 feet highest lake in world in state? Sikkim


1)Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary is in ?- Chhattisgarh

2) What is a ‘Global Depositary Receipt?’

3) What is Credit risk?

4) Interest Risk is a type of? – Market risk

5) Balphakram National Park is in? – Meghalaya

6) What is the capital of Austria? Vienna

7) UCO Bank Headquarters in- Kolkata

8) What does L stand for in LAF?

9) What does A stand for in FATF?- Action

10) Ukai dam is situated in?- Gujarat

11) Dhirubhai Ambani Solar Park is situated in?- Rajasthan.

12) Hand in Hand Bilateral exercise is held between- China and India.

13) In NACH, “H” stands for what – National Automated Clearing House.

14) Which Indian state first to start adjournment online? – Rajasthan

15) Bharatiya Reserve bank Note Mudran press located in which cities – Salboni & Mysore.

16) Savings & current account is known as – CASA ratio.

17) Who regulates microfinance given by NBFC- RBI.

18) Tenure of call money- 1 Day

19) Full form of CAGR- Compound Annual Growth Rate.

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