Technical paper Questions asked in Para 13.2 Exam : 10 October 2021 Exam

Technical paper Questions asked in Para 13.2 Exam : 10 October 2021 Exam

As we all know that III conducted Para 13.2 exam for Assistant every year for promotion in insurance sector. So here we are proving the Questions Asked in Para 13.2 2021 exam. You can Check the Fire, Marine, HRM and Misc Questions Asked in para 13.2 exam 2021.  S Para 13.2 exam held on 10th October 2021. Here you can go through the Fire, Marine, HRM and Misc Questions asked in Para 13.2 Exam 2021.

The Para 13.2 previous year Technical Paper (Paper 1) Questions  will help the aspirant in better preparation and plan according to it.  Having an idea about the previous year questions of the Para 13.2  exam will help the aspirant to plan the strategy for the preparation of the exam of the current year.

Fire questions asked in 13.2 exam (10th October 2021)

  1. Fire Insurance contracts are governed by the general law of contract as embodied in- Indian Contract Act, 1872
  2. In fire insurance insurable interest should exist at the time of – taking the policy, continue throughout its currency and should exist at the time of a  loss
  3. Destruction or damage caused by subsidence of part of the site on which the property stands or landslide / rockslide excluding:- coastal or river erosion
  4. lightning strike may be  prevented by –grounding
  5. fire resistance of class IV buildings- 1 hour
  6. Device designed for automatic detection and extinguishment of a fire by the use of water in its initial stages- Sprinkler
  7. PML burst- an actual loss being larger in size than PML estimates
  8. RI treaty where each risk is reinsured individually- facultative treaty
  9. Which cover protects the insurers Net Retained Account from losses of catastrophe nature- excess of loss
  10. GIC Obligatory Cessions- 5%
  11. Duty of insured to minimise his own loss comes under- utmost good faith
  12. claims which are paid as a matter of grace where the loss is outside the scope of the policy or the liability under the policy- ex gratia payments
  13. Indemnity for Raw materials is clearly represented by the- ‘landed cost’
  14. On intimation of any loss where a surveyor has to be appointed for assessing a loss / claim, it shall be so done within- 72 hours of the receipt of intimation
  15. On receipt of the survey report or the additional survey report, as the case may be, an insurer shall settle claim within a period of –30 days
  16. turnover during the 12 months immediately before the date of the damage- annual turnover
  17. A manufacturing risk is deemed to be silent when it is not used for manufacturing and storage purposes-30 days or more
  18. Bharat Grih Raksha max term-10 yrs
  19. BGR provides coverage for basic home contents without declaration- upto 20%
  20. In BGR sum insured hike each year- 10%
  21. Bharat Laghu having SI 4 cr, wants hike SI 2 cr- various options ( If the value of Insurable Assets exceeds ₹ 5 Crore during the Policy Period, the cover under Bharat Sookshma Udyam Suraksha policy will continue until expiry of the   policy. However, on renewal, Bharat Sookshma Udyam Suraksha policy has to be  replaced with the applicable policy.)
  22. Which among the following is inbuilt cover in sookshm and add on in laghu? Ans floater
  23. Policy issued in sookshm SI 4cr. Insured want to increase more 1.5 cr in current policy. What action? Sookshm cancel or sookshm continue or sookshm cancel and laghu issued
  24. Additional Add on cover Premium should not exceed __ % of premium . Option various % given.
  25. Removal of STFI or RSMD during inception og policy? STFI only, RSMD only or None or both
  26. In fire insurance the insurable interest should exist at- From inception, during the currency of the policy till expiry

27.For raw materials in BLUS valued at landed cost

New products pe the 5-8 ques

Han tenure ka tha max tenure kitna hai

Then kitna loan milta hai

New products r compulsorily insured on market vue reinstatement value etc

Marine questions asked in 13.2 exam (10th October 2021)

  1. SI 12 LAC, 16 LAC duty paid, what is claim payable in Duty value policy? 12 LAC or 16 lac or 9 lac
  2. 100 cr SI, 8cr sue and labour charge, before reaching destination total loss. What is claim payable? 108 cr or 100 cr or 108 cr – deduction & salvage.
  3. Baratry
  4. Scutling
  5. Loading and unloading covered in
  6. Sue and labour charge
  7. Annual policy related to … Import or export or both or cargo not for sale
  8. War duration of cover
  9. What is not covered in ICC C.. option given
  10. More than 12 months policy Hull ?.
  11. What is covered in comodity coal clause?
  12. DWT measure ton, DT no unit, select options I is true , both true, II is true, both false.14. proof of freightment , bill of landing, bill of exchange, invoice
  13. war cover relates to water body movement
  14. If CIF insurance by seller, if contract not given which cover to give? ICC C upto port , ICC C up to destination, ICC A upto port , ICC A upto destination.??

Misc questions asked in 13.2 exam (10th October 2021)

  • Que on overseas Mediclaim rating like 50% for spouse and 25% for children etc
  • Que on blood stock insurance coverage
  • Que on jeweller’s block policy conditions like which of the following is not the condition covered.
  • Que on pre and post hospitalization 30 & 60 or 60 and 30
  • Que on pre acceptance of survey report helps underwriter to.
  • Que on Money insurance whether condition of average covered or not
  • Que on fidelity guarantee that pecuniary losses are covered
  • Que on which bond has high stamp duty this was true or false I guess
  • One Que on all risk policy condition/Coverage
  • Que on GIC company % has to be retained with GIC Re
  • Something related with postage or postal 5 lacs charges etc
  • One que on pedal cycle coverage like fire, accidental, war and allied etc
  • Que on event insurance covers had multiple options like loss of profit if its cancelled or third party liability of people attending the event.
  • One que on copyright patent like idea has copyright of patent etc
  • Que on reinsurance that identify the type of reinsurance like stop loss, excess quota and definition was given
  • Sheep etc cross breed and other % of premium rate was asked
  • Broiler insurance belongs to and options were like poultry etc
  • Agriculture pump set up insurance coverage breakdown, installation etc covered or not

HRM questions asked in 13.2 exam (10th October 2021)

  • will NOT be helpful in improving QWL? –Meetings and conferences
  • Pleasantly worded, meant to gain goodwill, requesting instead of ordering is ___. One of the 7 C’s of written communication. –Courtesy
  • Who has the authority for dismissal of an employee?
  • Who is known as the father of Scientific Management?-Fredrick W Taylor
  • The learner has to feel the need for some change in the existing behaviour and attitude.
  • _____ lay down detailed steps for doing things.- Procedures
  • In Maslow’s theory of management _______ are related to avoidance of physical danger, threat, sickness and deprivation.-Safety needs
  • What is the full form of KPA?-Key performance area
  • ____is that part of the process that makes decisions as to who, among the persons identified through recruitment, should be appointed-Selection
  • HRM recognises that the present day worker is what is known as ____
  • The ‘end result variable’ will consist of :Productivity, cost quality of work
  • MBWA refers to-Manage by walking around
  • Leaders who follow dedicated style of leadership are also called as
  • The first source for availability of people is the ______.
  • Hierachy Theory related question
  • Burocracy related question
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