The Hindu Editorial Analysis : 17th December 2022

The Hindu Editorial Analysis

We all are aware of the importance of reading The Hindu newspaper with the aspect of improving reading ability, easily comprehending paragraphs, getting updated with the current events, improving essay writing and many more. For a banking aspirant it becomes necessary to read editorials for vocabulary. In this article we are going to discuss the points of today’s editorials with practice questions and important vocabs.

The Hindu is now synonymous with civil services aspirants. What brought on this cult readership?


Dangerous wager.

  • Turkey’s recent attacks on Syria’s Kurdish towns and it’s threat of a ground invasion could destabilize the budget region, which had year to recover from the scars of a long civil war and the violence of the Islamic States of the terrorist group.
  • The trigger was the November 13 blast in Istanbul that claimed six lives.
  • Turkey has blamed the Kurdistan workers party(pkk) , the Kurdish militant group operating in its South eastern regions, and the people’s protection units(YPG) , a Syrian Kurdish militia, for the blast (they have denied the allegations) and has carried out air strikes in Syria’s Kurdish towns.
  • Turkey has reportedly asked the YPG to withdraw from keytowns from the border–Manbij ,Tal Riffat and kobane– soon and had threatened to launch another cross border incursion into Syria if the YPG failed to do so .
  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to create a buffer zone between the YPG control towns in Syria and Turkey own Kurdish territories , where the state has been fighting the PKK.
  • Ankara sees the YPG as an ideological and organizational brother of the PKK , which it has designated.
  • Turkey has carried out several incursions in the past into Syria, gobbling up the territories now manned by the Syrian National army,a rebel umbrella group that is too opposed to Damascus and backed by Ankara.
  • But Turkey has also come under pressure from the US , its NATO partner that backs a YPG led militia group , and Russia, an ally of the Syrian regime, which placed constraints on its operation.
  • However , Russia’s Ukraine war seems to have altered the geopolitical reality in the region in Turkey’s favor .
  • A preoccupied Russia would not like to antagonize Turkey, which desire being a NATO member had not joined the US led sanctions, and the US wants Ankara support for the inclusion of Sweden and Finland into NATO.
  • This opens space for  Mr. Erdoğan to up the ante in Syria. But this could be a

dangerous bet. The IS had captured most of these border towns in 2014­-15.

Practice Questions:

  • What recent incident could destabilize the budget?
  • What is the Kurdistan workers’ party and why is Turkey blaming it?
  • Why would Russia not like to antagonize Turkey?

Important Vocabs:

  • Inclusion- everyone, regardless of their mental or physical abilities is understood
  • Incursion- a sudden attack by foreign armies etc
  • Buffer- a thing or person that reduces the unpleasant effects of something
  • Manned- to operate something
  • Antagonist- a person who is strongly against somebody/something

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