The Hindu Editorial Analysis : 8th December 2022

The Hindu Editorial Analysis:

The Hindu is now synonymous with civil services aspirants. What brought on this cult readership?

We all are aware of the importance of reading The Hindu newspaper with the aspect of improving reading ability, easily comprehending paragraphs, getting updated with the current events, improving essay writing and many more. For a banking aspirant it becomes necessary to read editorials for vocabulary. In this article we are going to discuss the points of today’s editorials with practice questions and important vocabs.

Measuring extreme.

  • A political party’s spokesman has been arrested for sharing an apparently false claim about the expenditure involved in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Morbi in Gujarat, in November, in the aftermath of the collapse of a bridge that caused nearly 140 deaths.
  • Even if the claim that a fabulous sum of money was spent on preparations and the renovation of facilities for the visit was false, the arrest of Saket Gokhale, spokesman of the All India Trinamool Congress, is in striking contrast to the fact that the promoters and executives of the company,whose negligence could have caused the recently renovated bridge to collapse, have not been detained so far.
  • It is difficult not to highlight the irony involved, as the penal sections invoked against Mr. Gokhale for the offense of forgery attract prison terms of two to three years only; whereas the acts of commission and omission that led to such a high fatality figure are punishable with prison terms ranging from 10 years to life.
  • Nothing but an intention to teach a lesson to an Opposition political activist can explain the arrest of Mr. Gokhale when he could, instead, have been summoned for an inquiry.
  • That police custody was sought and obtained in a case in which not much is needed to be investigated or unearthed — except perhaps the provenance of the purported Right to Information reply that contained the false claim — is quite strikingly indicative of vendetta.
  • Another aspect,which is taking place with disturbing frequency,is the fact that the Gujarat police went to Jaipur in time to detain Mr. Gokhale and bring him to Ahmedabad.
  • The dissemination of fake news is indeed a formidable problem in times when social media are a major source of information.
  • That Those with a significant following on these platforms should exercise due care before sharing information they receive is also not in doubt. However, it is questionable whether every instance of the dissemination of possibly false information should lead to arrest, unless grave consequences are likely to arise. An official fact-check and a legal takedown may well meet the ends of justice.

Practice Questions:

  • Why has a political party’s spokesman been arrested?
  • What is another factor which is taking Gujarat with disturbing frequency?

Important Vocabs:

  • Dissemination- advertising any thing
  • Formidable- inspiring fear
  • Provenance- the place of origin
  • Summon- to order someone come to a particular place, or to officially tell someone to be present
  • Fatal- causing death

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