The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  14th February 2023

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  14th February 2023

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary’ is extremely important for almost every exam like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams so here We bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to boost your vocab power and help you in your preparation for different examinations.


  1. Folly (noun)

Meaning: lack of good sense; foolishness. (मूर्खता)

Synonyms: insanity, idiocy, absurdity

Antonyms: wisdom, prudence, discretion

Sentence: Too much clevernness is folly.

  1. Catharsis (noun)

Meaning: the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. (विरेचन)

Synonyms: purging, purgation, purification

Sentence: Music is a means of catharsis for them.

  1. Prerogative (noun)

Meaning: a right or privilege exclusive to a particular individual or class. (परमाधिकार)

Synonyms: entitlement, right, privilege

Sentence: Education was once the prerogative of the elite.

  1. Custodians (noun)

Meaning: a person who has responsibility for or looks after something. (संरक्षक)

Synonyms: curator, guardians, conservator

Sentence: Farmers are custodians of the land for the next generation.

  1. Thereof (adv.)

Meaning: of the thing just mentioned; of that. (उसके)

Synonyms: therewith, thereout

Sentence: Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.

  1. Fillip (noun)

Meaning: something which acts as a stimulus or boost to an activity. (प्रोत्साहन)

Synonyms: boost, encouragement, incitement

Antonyms: dull, dampen

Sentence: The news gave the stock market a big fillip.

  1. Tranche (noun)

Meaning: a portion of something, especially money. (अंश)

Synonyms: fraction, tiny part, bit

Antonyms: lot, plenty, loads

Sentence: They risk losing the next tranche of funding.

  1. Attrition (noun)

Meaning: the action or process of gradually reducing the strength or effectiveness of someone or something through sustained attack or pressure. (कमी होना)

Synonyms: decay, weakening, debilitation

Antonyms: buildup, increase, gain

Sentence: The council is trying to wear down the opposition by attrition.

  1. Jocund (adj.)

Meaning: cheerful and lighthearted. (प्रफुल्ल)

Synonyms: cheerful, happy, jolly

Antonyms: melancholy, sorrowful, sad

Sentence: Old friends engaged in jocund teasing.

  1. Impediment (noun)

Meaning: a hindrance or obstruction in doing something. (बाधा)

Synonyms: hindrance, obstruction, obstacle

Antonyms: catalyst, goad, impetus

Sentence: He was satisfied there was no legal impediment to the marriage.

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