The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  15th November 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  15th November 2021

Vocabulary plays a vital role in scoring good marks in the English section of various competitive exams that you can improve if you work in the right direction. So, we are providing you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to increase your vocabulary power, which will help you prepare for many exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other government exams.


  1. Paucity (noun)

Meaning: the presence of something only in small or insufficient quantities or amounts (कमी)

Synonyms: scarcity, lack, shortage

Antonyms: abundance, adequacy, plenty

Sentence: The paucity of fruit was caused by the drought.

  1. Aggrieved (adj.)

Meaning: feeling resentment at having been unfairly treated. (पीड़ित)

Synonyms: resentful, affronted, indignant

Antonyms: gratified, pleased, satisfied

Sentence: He felt aggrieved at not being chosen for the team.

  1. Profligate (adj.)

Meaning: recklessly extravagant or wasteful in the use of resources. (अपव्ययी)

Synonyms: wasteful, extravagant, spendthrift

Antonyms: conserving, economical, economizing

Sentence: Their profligate lifestyle resulted in bankruptcy.

  1. Fledgling (noun)

Meaning: a person who is just starting out in a field of activity (अनुभवहीन मनुष्य)

Synonyms: learner, student, trainee

Antonyms: expert, master, veteran

Sentence: In my junior year a friend, a fledgling pilot, taught me the basics of handling a small plane.

  1. Irascible (adj.)

Meaning: having or showing a tendency to be easily angered. (चिड़चिड़ा)

Synonyms: irritable, quick-tempered, short-tempered

Antonyms: affable, companionable, cordial

Sentence: She’s becoming more and more irascible as she grows older.

  1. Snippet (noun)

Meaning: a small piece or brief extract. (टुकड़ा)

Synonyms: piece, bit, scrap

Antonyms: chunk, hunk, lump

Sentence: Snippets of information about the war.

  1. Munificent (adj.)

Meaning: (of a gift or sum of money) larger or more generous than is usual or necessary. (उदार)

Synonyms: generous, bountiful, openhanded

Antonyms: mean, cheap, thrifty

Sentence: A former student has donated a munificent sum of money to the college.

  1. Rigmarole (noun)

Meaning: a lengthy and complicated procedure. (बेसिरपैर की बात)

Synonyms: double-talk, gibberish

Sentence: He went through the rigmarole of securing the front door.

  1. Ostracism (noun)

Meaning: exclusion from a society or group. (समाज से निकाला)

Synonyms: exclusion, rejection, repudiation

Antonyms: acceptance, embrace, welcome

Sentence: He suffered years of ostracism.

  1. Reminisce (verb)

Meaning: indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events. (याद दिलाना)

Synonyms: recall, recollect, remember

Antonyms: forget, unlearn, disregard

Sentence: My grandfather used to reminisce about his years in the navy.

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