The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 16th April 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 16th April 2021

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary’ plays a vital role in every exam like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC and other Government exams so here We provide you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance vocab power and helps you in your preparation for Govt job.


  1. Rupture (Noun) – Trick: Capture (separate from others)

Meaning: A sudden burst or breaking/ Separation (टूटना)

Synonyms: Break, fissure, Notch, Abyss

Antonyms: Healing, Mending, Closing

Sentence: The rupture with his family was absolute.

  1. Equilibrium (Noun) – Trick: Equal in Lab

Meaning: A state of balance (संतुलन)

Synonyms: Balance, Firmness, Offset, Stable

Antonyms: Imbalance. Disequilibrium, Alarming

Sentence: We have achieved an equilibrium in an economy.

  1. Prolong (Verb) – Trick: Program + Long

Meaning: to make something last longer (लम्बा)

Synonyms: Drag out, draw out, Elongate, Outstretch

Antonyms: Diminish, Lessen, Decrease

Sentence: I don’t want to prolong the class unnecessarily.

  1. Jettison (verb) – Trick: Jet + Son

Meaning: to throw things/ to get rid of somebody (बोझ गिराना)

Synonyms: Discard, Dispose, Removal, Scrapping

Antonyms: Acquire, Accumulate, Acquisition

Sentence: The captain was forced to jettison the cargo and make an emergency landing.

  1. Decouple (verb) – Trick: Dur + Couple

Meaning: Separate or disengage (विघटित)

Synonyms: Break up, Disassociate, Ramify

Antonyms: Assemble, Associate, Blend

Sentence: The issue threatened to decouple England from European Union.

  1. Prudent (adj.) – Trick: Proud Student (विवेकी)

Meaning: Wise

Synonyms: Intelligent, Discreet, Judicious

Antonyms: Careless, Heedless, Rash

Sentence: You all are prudent students.

  1. Convene (verb) – Trick: Convey

Meaning: Come or bring together for a meeting (बुलाना)

Synonyms: Assemble, Call, Summon

Antonyms: Dissolve, Break up, Decouple

Sentence: The committee will convene tomorrow at 11.00 am

  1. Confront (verb) – Trick: Come in front

Meaning: Come face to face with hostile (सामना)

Synonyms: Beard, Brave, Defy, Outface

Antonyms: Eschew, Avoid, Elude

Sentence: A soldier has to confront danger.

  1. Veer – Trick: Veer Soldier

Meaning: Change direction suddenly (मुड़ गई)

Synonyms: Detour, Deviate, Sheer, swing

Antonyms: Stay, Straighten, Go direct

Sentence: Follow the path and veer left after 500 m.

  1. Stalemate (Noun) – Trick: Checkmate

Meaning: A situation in which further progress seems impossible (गतिरोध)

Synonyms: Deadlock, Halt, Logjam, Standoff

Antonyms: Progress, Advance, Headway

Sentence: The talks between India & China reached a stalemate.

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