The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 19th May 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 19th May 2021

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary’ plays a vital role in every exam like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC and other Government exams so here We provide you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance vocab power and helps you in your preparation for Govt job.


  1. Ingress (Noun) – Trick: In – Dress

Meaning: The action or fact of going in or entering (प्रवेश)

Synonyms: Access, Admission, Approval

Antonyms: Discharge, Dismissal

Sentence: The glass doors on the hotel’s second floor provide ingress into the mall

  1. Paved (Noun) – Trick: Pav Pav

Meaning: To cover an area of ground with Flat Stones (पक्का)

Synonyms: Cover, Surface, Floor, Top

Antonyms: Dig up, Strip

Sentence: The path is paved with concrete slabs.

  1. Avowed (Adj.) – Trick: Vow

Meaning: to say firmly & often publicly what your opinion is (स्वीकृत)

Synonyms: Declare, Specified, Definitive

Antonyms: Implicit, Ambiguous

Sentence: Hitler avowed himself a Dictator.

  1. Tranquillity (Noun) – Trick: Train mai Equal

Meaning: Quiet & Peaceful (शांति)

Synonyms: Calm, Placid, Harmony

Antonyms: Clamor, Noise, Bustle

Sentence: The city has finally restored to tranquility.

  1. Cognisance (Noun) – Trick: Kaun + Saint

Meaning: Detailed knowledge about something

Synonyms: Advertence, attention, awareness, observance

Antonyms: Disregard, neglect, unawareness

Sentence: He has full cognizance of the risk involved.

  1. Reiterate (verb) – Trick: Re (Repeat) + Rate

Meaning: To repeat an opinion, statement etc (बार बार दुहराना)

Synonyms: Repeat, Recapitulate, Echo, Duplicate

Antonyms: Abjure, Call off, cancel

Sentence: Let me reiterate the Important points of today’s class.

  1. Status quo

Meaning: The existing state of affairs, particularly with regard to social or political (यथास्थिति)

Synonyms: Normalcy, Routine

Antonyms: Irregularity, unusualness

Sentence: He was dissatisfied with the status quo

  1. Escalate (verb) – Trick: Scale to Mt.

Meaning: to become greater or higher (तीव्र करना)

Synonyms: Accelerate, Accumulate

Antonyms: Contract, Diminish, Lessen

Sentence: We do not want to escalate the war.

  1. Confront (verb) – Trick: Come in Front

Meaning: to think about / to stand in front (सामना)

Synonyms: Beard, Brave, Challenge

Antonyms: Avoid, Eschew, Escape

Sentence: He is willing to confront problems directly.

  1. Barely (adverb) – Trick: Hardly

Meaning: Only just or almost not (मुश्किल से)

Synonyms: Hardly, Just, Minimally

Antonyms: Definitely, Easily, Plainly

Sentence: Sunlight barely penetrated the dirty windows.

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