The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  21st June 2022

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  21st June 2022

Almost every competitive exam has a section which tests the applicant’s English Language skills. So here we bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to boost vocabulary power and help you prepare for the exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams.


  1. Reprisal (noun)

Meaning: an act of retaliation. (प्रतिहिंसा)

Synonyms: retaliation, counterattack, revenge

Sentence: Civilian targets were bombed in reprisal.

  1. Scuttled (verb)

Meaning: run hurriedly or furtively with short quick steps. (भागना)

Synonyms: scamper, scurry, scramble

Antonyms: crawled, crept, poked

Sentence: Two very small children scuttled away in front of them.

  1. Beleaguer (verb)

Meaning: cause problems or difficulties for. (तंग किया)

Synonyms: hard-pressed, troubled, in difficulties

Antonyms: emancipate, free, liberate

Sentence: He attempts to answer several questions that beleaguer the industry.

  1. Mollify (verb)

Meaning: appease the anger or anxiety of (someone). (शांत करना)

Synonyms: appease, placate, pacify

Antonyms: anger, enrage, incense

Sentence: I tried to mollify her by giving her flowers.

  1. Upend (verb)

Meaning: set or turn (something) on its end or upside down. (समाप्त कर देना)

Synonyms: set up, upraise, put up

Antonyms: demolish, flatten

Sentence: We had to upend the sofa in order to fit it into the elevator.

  1. Desecrating (verb)

Meaning: treat (a sacred place or thing) with violent disrespect; violate. (अपवित्र करना)

Synonyms: violate, profane, treat sacrilegiously

Antonyms: reverent, reverential, worshipful

Sentence: More than 300 graves were desecrated.

  1. Vengeful (adj.)

Meaning: seeking to harm someone in return for a perceived injury. (तामसिक)

Synonyms: vindictive, revengeful, out for revenge

Antonyms: delight, pleasure, calmness

Sentence: He was stabbed to death by his vengeful wife.

  1. Intricate (adj.)

Meaning: very complicated or detailed. (जटिल)

Synonyms: complex, complicated, convoluted

Antonyms: plain, simple, uncomplicated

Sentence: Police officers uncovered an intricate web of deceit.

  1. Adamant (adj.)

Meaning: refusing to be persuaded or to change one’s mind. (हठी)

Synonyms: adamantine, bullheaded, inconvincible

Antonyms: acquiescent, agreeable, flexible

Sentence: He is adamant that he is not going to resign.

  1. Serendipity (noun)

Meaning: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. (नसीब)

Synonyms: luck, good fortune, chance,

Antonyms: mischance, misfortune, unluckiness

Sentence: Nature has created wonderful serendipity.

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