The Hindu Editorial VOCAB : 21st November 2020

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB : 21st November 2020

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary’ plays a vital role in every exam. Banking , Railway, Insurance, SSC and other Government exams so here We provides you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance vocab power and helps you in your preparation for Govt job.

Vocabulary (The Hindu)

  1. MORONIC (ADJECTIVE): (मूर्ख)stupid

Synonyms: foolish, idiotic

Antonyms: intelligent, sensible

Example:  He is moronic by nature. 

  1. CURB (NOUN): (नियंत्रण)control

Synonyms: restriction, rein 

Antonyms: freedom, encouragement

Example:  Taking a few deep breaths may curb your temper.

  1. SURREPTITIOUSLY (ADVERB): (चोरीचोरी) secretly
    Synonyms:covertly, clandestinely 

Antonyms: openly, publicly

Example: It was a surreptitiously printed material.

  1. RAPT (ADJECTIVE): (उन्मत्तdelighted

Synonyms: ecstatic, enthralled 

Antonyms: unhappy, sorrowful 

Example: Swastika was a rapt person.

  1. RELEGATE (VERB): (निर्दिष्ट करना)assign

Synonyms: consign, entrust 

Antonyms: keep, hold

Example: Rani had assigned the task to the agency.

  1. UNEARTH (VERB): (खोजकर निकालना):dig up

Synonyms: discover, excavate 

Antonyms: conceal, cover

Example: “workmen unearthed an ancient artillery shell”.

  1. VENT (VERB): (जाने देना):release

Synonyms: emit, let out 

Antonyms: hold, retain 

Example:  I vented a shriek when the dog suddenly jumped on me.

  1. DIMINUTIVE (ADJECTIVE): (छोटा):tiny

Synonyms: petite, pint-sized 

Antonyms: big, enormous 

Example:  Sagarika is feeling diminutive hunger right now.

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