The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 22nd April 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 22nd April 2021

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary’ plays a vital role in every exam like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC and other Government exams so here We provide you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance vocab power and helps you in your preparation for Govt job.


  1. Egregious (adj.) – Trick: GRE exam

Meaning: Outstandingly Bad or shocking (भयंकर)

Synonyms: Appalling, Horrific, Terrible

Antonyms: Marvelous, Excellent

Sentence: It was an egregious performance in the GRE exam.

  1. Pitfall – Trick: Pit mai Fall

Meaning: A danger or difficulty, especially one that is hidden (ख़तरा)

Synonyms: Trap, Catch, Gimmick, Snare

Antonyms: Guard, Protection, Shield

Sentence: The Tiger was caught in a pitfall.

  1. Hubris (Noun) – Trick: Hub + Rich

Meaning: The fact of somebody too proud (अभिमान)

Synonyms: Overconfidence, Conceit, Pride, Ego

Antonyms: Diffidence, Altruism, Passiveness

Sentence: There is no safety in unlimited technological hubris.

  1. Gimmick – Trick: Give him Kick

Meaning: An idea for attracting people to buy something (चालबाज़ियों)

Synonyms: Artifice, Dodge, Trick, Cheating

Antonyms: Catalyst, Incentive, Spur

Sentence: He kicked him out of the office as just a publicity gimmick.

  1. Mitigate (verb) – Trick: Miti + Gate

Meaning: Make less severe, serious or painful (कम करना)

Synonyms: Reduce, Alleviate, Diminish, Lessen

Antonyms: Sharpen, Intensify, Exacerbate

Sentence: It is unclear how to mitigate the effects of COVID on Tourism.

  1. Empathy (Noun) – Trick: Sympathy

Meaning: Understanding into another’s feeling (सहानुभूति)

Synonyms: Clemency, Mercy, Humanitarianism

Antonyms: Ruthlessness, Revenge, Venom, Atrocity

Sentence: The mother feels empathy with her children.

  1. Reluctant

Meaning: Unwillingness to do something contrary to your customs (अनिच्छुक)

Synonyms: Disinclined, Dubious, Loath

Antonyms: Eager, Enthusiastic, keen

Sentence: She was reluctant to go with him.

  1. Promulgate (adj.) – Trick: Public + Gate

Meaning: to promote an idea or belief or officially announce a new law (घोषणा करना)

Synonyms: Advertise, announce, Introduce

Antonyms: Conceal, Hush up, Suppress, withhold

Sentence: The new law was promulgated in the Summer Budget.

  1. Imperative (Adj.) – Trick: Important + Relative

Meaning: Not to be avoided (अनिवार्य)

Synonyms: Compulsory, Incumbent, Necessary

Antonyms: Unnecessary, Optional

Sentence: It is imperative that politicians should be good communicators.

  1. Disparity (Noun) – Trick: Dis + Parity (equality)

Meaning: A difference especially caused by unfair treatment (असमानता)

Synonyms: Contrast, Difference, Imbalance

Antonyms: Accordance, Equivalent, Equality

Sentence: There is a great disparity between the amount of work that I do & what I get paid for it.

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