The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  22nd July 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  22nd July 2021

It is inevitable to work on English Vocabulary if you are preparing for any competitive exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams. So here We bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to boost vocab power and helps you in your preparation for different examinations.


  1. Snoop (verb)

Meaning: investigate or look around furtively in an attempt to find out something, especially information about someone’s private affairs. (जासूसी करना)

Synonyms: pry, inquire, be curious

Antonyms: avoid, eschew, shun

Sentence: Your sister might find the ring if she goes snooping around.

  1. Mitigate (verb)

Meaning: make less severe, serious, or painful. (कम करना)

Synonyms: alleviate, reduce, diminish

Antonyms: increase, intensify

Sentence: He wanted to mitigate misery in the world.

  1. Arrant (adj.)

Meaning: complete, utter. (कुख्यात)

Synonyms: utter, downright, thoroughgoing

Antonyms: dubious, equivocal, qualified

Sentence: what arrant nonsense!

  1. Impound (verb)

Meaning: seize and take legal custody of (something, especially a vehicle, goods, or documents) because of an infringement of a law or regulation. (ज़ब्त करना)

Synonyms: confiscate, seize, commandeer

Antonyms: discharge, free, liberate

Sentence: Vehicles parked where they cause an obstruction will be impounded.

  1. Perpetrate (verb)

Meaning: carry out or commit (a harmful, illegal, or immoral action). (पाप करना)

Synonyms: commit, carry out, perform

Antonyms: fail, slur, skimp

Sentence: A crime has been perpetrated against a sovereign state.

  1. Contrivance (noun)

Meaning: the use of skill to bring something about or create something. (युक्ति)

Synonyms: scheme, stratagem, tactic

Antonyms: ignorance, disorganisation

Sentence: The requirements of the system, by happy chance and some contrivance, can be summed up in an acronym.

  1. Bivouac (noun)

Meaning: a temporary camp without tents or cover, used especially by soldiers or mountaineers. (पड़ाव)

Synonyms: barracks, cantonment, tentage

Sentence: Soldiers were setting up a bivouac by the stream.

  1. Succor (noun)

Meaning: assistance and support in times of hardship and distress. (परेशानी में सहायता)

Synonyms: aid, help, assistance

Antonyms: harm, hurt, injure

Sentence: The wounded had little chance of succor.

  1. Parsimony (noun)

Meaning: extreme unwillingness to spend money or use resources. (बचत)

Synonyms: meanness, miserliness, parsimoniousness

Antonyms: diseconomy, wastefulness, lavishness

Sentence: Due to official parsimony, only one machine was built.

  1. Espouse (verb)

Meaning: adopt or support (a cause, belief, or way of life). (सहायता देना)

Synonyms: adopt, embrace, take-up

Antonyms: abandon, forsake, give up

Sentence: He turned his back on the modernism he had espoused in his youth.

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