Current Affairs Quiz 21st July 2021 : Daily GK Update Quiz

Daily Current Affairs 21st July June 2021 Quiz:

Current Affairs quiz 2021, Daily gk updates and Current affairs is playing a major role in any competitive exam. so here we are providing the current affairs quiz on daily basis for Bank, SSC, Railway and Other Government Competitive Examinations. here you can find Current Affairs Quiz for IBPS PO Mains , Current Affairs Quiz for IBPS RRB PO Mains , Current Affairs Quiz for IBPS RRB Clerk Mains , Current Affairs Quiz for RBI Assistant Mains , Current Affairs Quiz for RBI Grade B , Current Affairs Quiz for SSC.

Q.1. The government has decided to set up the Indian Institute of Heritage at _____.

सरकार ने _____ में भारतीय विरासत संस्थान स्थापित करने का निर्णय लिया है।

(a) Dhanbad / धनबाद

(b) Kanpur / कानपूर

(c) Agra / आगरा

(d) Noida / नॉएडा

(e) Ghaziabad / गाज़ियाबाद

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Govt to set up country’s top heritage institute in Noida

The government has decided to set up the Indian Institute of Heritage at Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar.

“The Indian Institute of Heritage will be a world-class university that will focus on conservation and research in India’s rich tangible heritage while offering research, development, and dissemination of knowledge, excellence in the education of its students and activities associated with a heritage that contributes to the cultural, scientific and economic life of India.

Q.2. Pedro Castillo has been declared the new President of which of the following country?  

पेड्रो कैस्टिलो को निम्नलिखित में से किस देश का नया राष्ट्रपति घोषित किया गया है?

(a) Chile / चिली

(b) Equador / इक्वाडोर

(c) Peru / पेरू

(d) Bolivia / बोलीविया

(e) Venezuela / वेनेजुएला

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Leftist school teacher Pedro Castillo was proclaimed Peru’s president-elect on 20th July, six weeks after a polarizing vote of which the results were delayed by claims of electoral fraud from his right-wing rival, Keiko Fujimori.

The 51-year-old trade unionist’s victory leaves Fujimori facing an imminent corruption trial.

Q.3. Which of the following city has been selected to host the 2032 summer Olympics?

निम्नलिखित में से किस शहर को 2032 ग्रीष्मकालीन ओलंपिक की मेजबानी के लिए चुना गया है?

(a) Brisbane, Australia / ब्रिस्बेन, ऑस्ट्रेलिया

(b) Jakarta, Indonesia / जकार्ता, इंडोनेशिया

(c) Shanghai, China/ शंघाई, चीन

(d) London, United Kingdom / लंदन, यूनाइटेड किंगडम

(e) New York, United States / न्यूयॉर्क, संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Australia’s Brisbane to host 2032 Olympic Games

The Australian city of Brisbane has been selected to host the 2032 summer Olympics, said the International Olympic Committee on 21 July.

“The International Olympic Committee has the honour to announce that the Games of the 35th Olympiad are awarded to Brisbane, Australia,” IOC president Thomas Bach said.

Australia has become the second country after the United States to host the Olympic Games in three different cities. Prior to this, Melbourne had staged Olympics in 1956 and Sydney had in 2000

Q.4. ADB has projected India’s economic growth for FY22 at ___.

एडीबी ने वित्त वर्ष 22 के लिए भारत की आर्थिक वृद्धि का अनुमान ___ रखा है।

(a) 10.0%

(b) 9.6%

(c) 8.9%

(d) 6.5%

(e) 5.9%

Answer & Explanation

Exp. The Asian Development Bank has downgraded India’s economic growth forecast for the current financial year to 10 per cent on Tuesday, from 11 per cent projected in April, on account of the adverse impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The projection for FY23 (ending in March 2023), by which time much of India’s population is expected to be vaccinated, is upgraded from 7 per cent to 7.5 per cent as economic activity normalises.

Q.5. Which Bank has signed an MoU with the Indian Navy for salary account?  

वेतन खाते के लिए किस बैंक ने भारतीय नौसेना के साथ समझौता ज्ञापन पर हस्ताक्षर किए हैं?

(a) IDFC Bank / आईडीएफसी बैंक

(b) RBL Bank / आरबीएल बैंक

(c) Yes Bank / यस बैंक

(d) ICICI Bank / आईसीआईसीआई बैंक

(e) Kotak Mahindra Bank / कोटक महिंद्रा बैंक

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Kotak Mahindra Bank (KMBL), a financial services conglomerate, and the Indian Navy announced 20th July that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)  enabling KMBL to offer its salary account proposition to all personnel of the Indian Navy – both serving and retired.

It also provides ‘Special Education Benefit for Children & Additional Girl Child Benefit’ that covers dependent children of up to 22 years in the event of an accident claim by the salary account holder.

Q.6. Which company has acquired US edtech firm Epic in $500 million deal?

किस कंपनी ने $500 मिलियन के सौदे में यूएस एडटेक फर्म एपिक का अधिग्रहण किया है?

(a) upGrad / अपग्रैड

(b) Coursera / कोर्सेरा

(c) Jio / जियो

(d) Byju’s / बायजू

(e) Unacademy / अनअकैडमी

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Byju’s acquires US edtech firm Epic in $500 million deal

Edtech major Byju’s has acquired US-based kids learning platform Epic in a $500 million cash-and-stock deal, making this its second-biggest acquisition after it bought brick-and-mortar coaching network Aakash Institute for close to $1 billion earlier this year.

The Epic acquisition is part of Byju’s big foray into the overseas market where it expects annual revenue of $300 million this financial year.

Q.7. Which organization has successfully flight tested indigenously developed low weight Man-Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile (MPATGM)?

किस संगठन ने स्वदेशी रूप से विकसित कम वजन वाले मैनपोर्टेबल एंटी टैंक गाइडेड मिसाइल (MPATGM) का सफलतापूर्वक परीक्षण किया है?

(a) Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) / रक्षा अनुसंधान और विकास संगठन

(b) Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL) / रक्षा अनुसंधान और विकास प्रयोगशाला

(c) Food Safety and Standards Authority of India / भारतीय खाद्य सुरक्षा और मानक प्राधिकरण

(d) Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) / भारतीय कृषि अनुसंधान परिषद

(e) Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) / वैज्ञानिक और औद्योगिक अनुसंधान परिषद

Answer & Explanation

Exp. DRDO successfully test flights indigenous Man-Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile

The Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) on 21th July successfully flight tested indigenously developed low weight, fire and forget Man-Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile (MPATGM).

The missile was launched from a man portable launcher integrated with thermal site and the target was mimicking a tank. The missile hit the target in direct attack mode and destroyed it with precision.

The mission marked a major boost for the Narendra Modi government’s Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign and would strengthen the Indian Army.

Q.8. Name the New Generation surface-to-air missile which has been successfully flight-tested by Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO).

नई पीढ़ी की सतह से हवा में मार करने वाली मिसाइल का नाम बताइए जिसका रक्षा अनुसंधान एवं विकास संगठन (DRDO) द्वारा सफलतापूर्वक उड़ान परीक्षण किया गया है।

(a) Prithvi / पृथ्वी

(b) Akash / आकाश

(c) BrahMos / ब्रह्मोस

(d) Dhanush / धनुष

(e) Netra / नेत्रा

Answer & Explanation

Exp. DRDO successfully flight-tests surface-to-air missile Akash-NG

Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) successfully flight-tested the New Generation Akash Missile (Akash-NG), a surface-to-air Missile from Integrated Test Range (ITR) off the coast of Odisha on July 21, 2021.

The missile system has been developed by Defence Research & Development Laboratory (DRDL), Hyderabad in collaboration with other DRDO laboratories.

Q.9. Urmil Kumar Thapliyal passed away recently. He was a/an ____.

उर्मिल कुमार थपलियाल का हाल ही में निधन हो गया। वह एक ____ थे

(a) Theatre personality / रंगमंच व्यक्तित्व

(b) Costume Designer / कॉस्टयूम डिज़ाइनर

(c) Contemporary dancer / समकालीन नर्तक

(d) Mountaineer / पर्वतारोही

(e) Aeronautical scientist / वैमानिक वैज्ञानिक

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Veteran thespian Urmil Kumar Thapliyal passes away

Renowned theatre personality and litterateur Urmil Kumar Thapliyal has passed away here following a prolonged illness. He was 78.

Thapliyal worked all through his life for the revival of nautanki and popularising theatre.

Q.10. What is the capital of Peru?

पेरू की राजधानी क्या है?  

(a) Santiago / सैंटियागो

(b) Quito / क्विटो

(c) Lima / लीमा

(d) Sucre / सूकर

(e) Caracas / काराकस

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Capital: Lima

Currency:  Nuevo Sol

Q.11. Where is the headquarters of Kotak Mahindra Bank?

कोटक महिंद्रा बैंक का मुख्यालय कहाँ है?

(a) Mumbai / मुंबई

(b) New Delhi / नई दिल्ली

(c) Bengaluru / बेंगलुरु

(d) Hyderabad / हैदराबाद

(e) Chennai / चेन्नई

Answer & Explanation

Exp. CEO: Uday Kotak (1 May 2018–)

Headquarters: Mumbai

Founder: Uday Kotak

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