The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 23rd April 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 23rd April 2021

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary’ plays a vital role in every exam like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC and other Government exams so here We provide you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance vocab power and helps you in your preparation for Govt job.


  1. Catastrophe (Noun) – Trick: Kute + Trophy

Meaning: A sudden disaster that causes great damage (तबाही)

Synonyms: Apocalypse, Calamity, Debacle

Antonyms: Windfall, Dandy

Sentence: We were not aware of any Pandemic Catastrophe.

  1. Vigour – Trick: Vinegar

Meaning: Strength or Energy (ताक़त)

Synonyms: Bounce, Esprit

Antonyms: Indolence, Laziness, Debility

Sentence: His health and Vigour were unimpaired by a stroke.

  1. Arsenal (Noun) – Trick: Sena

Meaning: A Place where weapons & explosive are made (शस्त्रागार)

Synonyms: Armory, Depot, Warehouse

Antonyms: Lack, Scarcity

Sentence: The country has agreed to reduce its nuclear arsenal.

  1. Flurry (Noun) – Trick: Furr Furr

Meaning: A short time in which there is suddenly a lot of activity (उत्तेजना)

Synonyms: Burst, Flare

Antonyms: Calm, Doldrums, Trickle

Sentence: Her Arrival caused a flurry of excitement.

  1. Plausible (Adj.) – Trick: Possible

Meaning: That you can believe (मुमकिन)

Synonyms: Believable, Credible, Probable

Antonyms: Absurd, Doubtful, Fantastic

Sentence: She could find no plausible explanation for its disappearance.

  1. Hunker down – Trick: Hunkar

Meaning: To stay in a place for a period of time (पुराने ढंग का)

Synonyms: Couch, Hunch, Squinch

Antonyms: Bow, Huddle, Bend

Sentence: Hunker down and attempt to weather the storm?

  1. Contour (Noun) – Trick: Kon se tour par challenge

Meaning: The shape of the outer surface of something (रूप-रेखा)

Synonyms: Delineation, Configuration, Shape

Antonyms: Uncovered, Acuteness

Sentence: The contour of the Atlantic Coast of America is very irregular.

  1. Nimble (Adj.) – Trick: Nimboo (Lemon)

Meaning: Able to move quickly and lightly / Clever (चतुर)

Synonyms: Bright, Brilliant, Acute, Perceptive

Antonyms: Foolish, Idiotic, Ignorant, Absurd

Sentence: Thieves were nimble and jumped clear of the truck.

  1. Snail’s Pace (Idioms)

Meaning: Very Slowly (कछुआ चाल)

Sentence: Currently Economy is growing at a snail’s pace.

  1. Leaps & Bounds (Idioms)

Meaning: Rapidly or in the fast progress

Sentence: These days e-commerce business is growing by leaps and bounds.

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