The Hindu Editorial VOCAB : 25th March 2020

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB :  25th March 2020

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary‘ plays a vital role in every exam. Banking , Railway, Insurance, SSC and other Government exams so here We provides you The Hindu Vocabulary on daily basis to enhance vocabulary power and helps you in your preparation for Govt job.

  1. EXTRICATE (VERB): (अलग करना)

Synonyms: detach, extract

Antonyms: attach, connect

Example: Rajni was trying to extricate himself from night shift duties.

  1. ENSNARE (VERB): (जाल में फंसाना)

Synonyms: cheat, embroil

Antonyms: free, liberate

Example: Don’t let anyone ensnare you.

  1. DUMBFOUND (VERB): (हक्काबक्का करना)

Synonyms: amaze, astonish

Antonyms: calm, expect

Example: Rama did his best to dumbfound his team leader.


  1. DISTRAUGHT (ADJECTIVE): (व्याकुल)

Synonyms: agitated, anxious

Antonyms: balanced, calm

Example: Alpa burst into a little peal of laughter as she looked into his distraught face.

  1. PREMEDITATED (ADJECTIVE): (पूर्वचिन्तित)

Synonyms: calculated, deliberate

Antonyms: accidental, casual

Example: Had it really been premeditated that he should fall into that camp?

  1. FANATIC (NOUN): (उन्मादी

Synonyms: bigot, radical

Antonym: liberal, moderate

Example: The fanatics are disliked by Rakesh.

  1. PINNACLE (NOUN): (परमोत्कर्ष)

Synonyms: apex, zenith

Antonyms: nadir, base

Example: They reached the pinnacle of their career honestly.

  1. GAPE (VERB):(मुँह बाये देखना

Synonyms: glare, ogle

Antonyms: ignore, overlook

Example: Many people gape in anger.

  1. PINE (VERB): (लालायित होना)

Synonyms: crave, hanker

Antonyms: dislike, despise

  1. MUFFLED (ADJECTIVE): (अवरुद्ध)

Synonyms: silenced, subdued

Antonyms: encouraged, promoted

Example: Rajan muffled the noise with his roar.

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