The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 28th April 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 28th April 2021

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary’ plays a vital role in every exam like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC and other Government exams so here We provide you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance vocab power and helps you in your preparation for Govt job.



  1. Endeavour (Noun) – Trick: End + Devote

Meaning: To try hard (प्रयास)

Synonyms: Attempt, Bash, Beaver away

Antonyms: Striving, Struggle, Undertaking

Sentence: Ram endeavored to finish her work on time.

  1. Beleaguered (Verb)Trick: Be + Out + of + League

Meaning: in a very difficult situation (परेशान)

Synonyms: Besieged, Barricaded, Blocked

Antonyms: Good, Virtuous

Sentence: Enemy troops beleaguered the city.

  1. Gruesome (adj.) – Trick: Cruelsome

Meaning: Causing repulsion or horror (भीषण)

Synonyms: Appalling, Atrocious, Awful

Antonyms: Agreeable, Attractive, Delectable

Sentence: Police described it as a gruesome attack.

4. Embellish (verb) – Trick: Bell to Xmas tree

Meaning: Make more attractive by the addition of decorative details (संवारना)

Synonyms: Elaborate, Amplify, Enhance

Antonyms: Simplify, Bare

Sentence: I asked him not to embellish the truth with ideas of his own.

  1. Canard (Noun) – Trick: Kannada movie

Meaning: An unfortunate rumor or story (बेबुनियाद ख़बर)

Synonyms: Story, Tale, Whisper

Antonyms: Truth, Disassembly

Sentence: That canard was proved to be true later.

  1. Annals (Noun)Trick: Annual Report

Meaning: A record of events year by year (वर्षक्रमिक इतिहास)

Synonyms: Chronicle, History, Record

Antonyms: Present, Clutter, Disarray

Sentence: His deeds went down in the annals of British History.

  1. Plausible (Adj.) – Trick: Possible

Meaning: That you can believe (मुमकिन)

Synonyms: Believable, Credible, Probable

Antonyms: Absurd, Doubtful, Fantastic

Sentence: She could find no plausible explanation for its disappearance.

  1. Reticent (adj.) – Trick: Rate Saint

Meaning: Not revealing one thoughts (मौन रहने वाला)

Synonyms: Secretive, Uncommunicative

Antonyms: Candid, Honest, Up-front

Sentence: She was morose, pale & reticent.

9.Triumph (Noun) – Trick: Tri

Meaning: A great victory or achievement (विजयी)

Synonyms: Accomplishment, Attainment, Success

Antonyms: Botch, Mess, Shambles

Sentence: The new bridge is a triumph of technology.

  1. Exaggerate (verb) – Trick: Extra rate

Meaning: Represent as being large (अतिरंजना करना)

Synonyms: Elaborate, Embellish, Hyperbolize

Antonyms: Belittle, Minimize, Play down

Sentence: She has a propensity to exaggerate.

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