The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 28th May 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 28th May 2021

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary’ plays a vital role in every exam like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC and other Government exams so here We provide you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance vocab power and helps you in your preparation for Govt job.


  1. Wrath (Noun) – Trick: Rath

Meaning: Great anger (कोप)

Synonyms: Fury, Lividness, Rage

Antonyms: Calmness, Patience

Sentence: I am always scared of incurring my father’s wrath

  1. Annex (Noun/ Verb) – Trick: A + Next

Meaning: To take control of another country or region (हड़प कर लेना)

Synonyms: Addition, Extension, Affix

Antonyms: Detach, Disjoin, Separate

Sentence: Israel was determined to annex the land of Palestine.

  1. Callous (adj) – Trick: Khallas

Meaning: Not caring about the felling of others (कठोर)

Synonyms: Affectless, Compassionless, Hard

Antonyms: Benevolent, Gentle, Kind

Sentence: He is callous about the safety of citizens.

  1. Ignite (verb) – Trick: Ek + Night

Meaning: To start burning or make something start burning (आग लगना)

Synonyms: Immolate, Scorch, Set off

Antonyms: Choke, Smother, Dim

Sentence: The gunpowder can fail to ignite sometimes.

  1. Guise (Noun) – Trick: Disguise/ Guys

Meaning: A way in which something appears, which is often different from usual (भेष)

Synonyms: Performance, Appearance, Deceit

Antonyms: Bluntness, Candor, Directness

Sentence: They operated a Scam business under the guise of a BPO.

  1. Blockade – Trick: Block

Meaning: A situation in which a place is surrounded in order to prevent from reaching it. (नाकाबंदी)

Synonyms: Barricade, Close, Bar

Antonyms: Reopen, Unblock

Sentence: They attempt to break the blockade by using submarines.

  1. Condemn (verb) – Trick: Recommend (opposite)

Meaning: Express strong disapproval of

Synonyms: Blame, criticize, attack

Antonyms: Approve, Endorse, Sanction

Sentence: I condemn this senseless violence.

  1. Conspicuous (Adj.) – Trick: Can See Pic

Meaning: Clearly Visible

Synonyms: Noticeable, Detectable

Antonyms: Subtle, Hidden, Shrouded

Sentence: There is a conspicuous landmark ahead.

  1. Redress (Noun) – Trick: Relief from Stress

Meaning: To correct something that is wrong or unfair or payment for it.

Synonyms: Compensation, Indemnity, Reparation

Antonyms: Absolve, Pardon

Sentence: You must seek redress in the law court.

  1. Catastrophe (Noun) Trick: Kute + Trophy

Meaning: A sudden disaster that causes great damage (तबाही)

Synonyms: Apocalypse, Calamity, Debacle

Antonyms: Windfall, Dandy

Sentence: We were not aware of any Pandemic Catastrophe.

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