The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  3rd November 2022

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  3rd November 2022

In the modern competitive era, most of the exams have the English Language as a section. So here we bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance vocabulary power and help you prepare for the exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams.


  1. Snugly (adv.)

Meaning: in a comfortable, warm, and cozy or well-protected manner. (आराम से)

Synonyms: comfortable, comfy, cozy

Antonyms: uncomfortable, troubled

Sentence: I left the children tucked up snugly in bed.

  1. Delinquency (noun)

Meaning: minor crime, especially that committed by young people. (अपराध)

Synonyms: crime, wrongdoing, criminality

Antonyms: compliance, goodness, morality

Sentence: There is a high rate of juvenile delinquency in this area.

  1. Fritter (verb)

Meaning: waste time, money, or energy on trifling matters. (व्यर्थ नष्ट करना)

Synonyms: squander, waste, misuse

Antonyms: conserve, save

Sentence: I wish we hadn’t frittered the money away so easily

  1. Galled (verb)

Meaning: make (someone) feel annoyed. (परेशान होना)

Synonyms: irritate, annoy, bother

Antonyms: delighted, gladdened, gratified

Sentence: He knew he was losing, and it galled him.

  1. Seamless (adj.)

Meaning: being entirely without fault or flaw (निरपराध)

Synonyms: absolute, faultless, flawless

Antonyms: censurable, defective, faulty

Sentence: The conductor’s seamless interpretation of Mozart’s Jupiter symphony was greeted with a standing ovation.

  1. Entreaty (noun)

Meaning: an earnest or humble request. (विनती)

Synonyms: appeal, request, petition

Sentence: The king turned a deaf ear to his entreaties.

  1. Felicitate (verb)

Meaning: to express to (someone) admiration for his or her success or good fortune (अभिनंदन करना)

Synonyms: compliment, congratulate, applaud

Antonyms: cry down, decry, deprecate

Sentence: The whole family felicitated John on his new appointment.

  1. Statute (noun)

Meaning: a written law passed by a legislative body. (क़ानून)

Synonyms: law, regulation, enactment

Sentence: Protection for the consumer is laid down by statute.

  1. Unfettered (adj.)

Meaning: unrestrained or uninhibited. (निरंकुश)

Synonyms: unrestrained, unrestricted, unconstrained

Antonyms: bound, confined, restrained

Sentence: Unfettered by the bounds of reality, my imagination flourished.

  1. Debunking (verb)

Meaning: expose the falseness or hollowness of (a myth, idea, or belief). (असली रूप दिखाने)

Synonyms: explode, deflate, puncture

Antonyms: camouflaging, cloaking, disguising

Sentence: The investigative reporter quickly debunked the charlatan’s claims of prophecy.

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