The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  3rd November 2023

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  3rd November 2023

Having a good command of Vocabulary will help you to ace many competitive exams. So here We bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to boost vocab power and helps you in your preparation for exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams.


  1. Whittle (verb)

Meaning: to cause to diminish gradually by or as if by cutting off bits with a knife (छोटा करना)

Synonyms: cut, clip, pare

Antonyms: extend, inflate, swell

Sentence: The president has agreed to whittle down his proposal.

  1. Unwieldy (adj.)

Meaning: difficult to use or operate especially because of size, weight, or design (बोझल)

Synonyms: clumsy, awkward, cumbersome

Antonyms: useful, practical, handy

Sentence: An unwieldy machine that requires two people to operate it

  1. Galore (adj.)

Meaning: pouring forth in great amounts (बहुतायत)

Synonyms: plentiful, abundant, lavish

Antonyms: poor, sparse, scant

Sentence: There are book shops galore in this town.

  1. Blandishment (noun)

Meaning: a nice thing that someone says or does to persuade another to do something (विरोध)

Synonyms: cajolery, charming, charm

Antonyms: disparagement, depreciation, belittlement

Sentence: She resisted his blandishments.

  1. Quisling (noun)

Meaning: one who betrays a trust or an allegiance (ग़द्दार)

Synonyms: traitor, turncoat, betrayer

Antonyms: patriot, defender, loyalist

Sentence: Warned that all quislings would be punished without mercy

  1. Jaded (adj.)

Meaning: depleted in strength, energy, or freshness (थका हुआ)

Synonyms: tired, exhausted, weary

Antonyms: unwearied, fresh, relaxed

Sentence: After that long bar exam, I’m too jaded for anything but a nap

  1. Incessant (adj.)

Meaning: going on and on without any interruptions (निरंतर)

Synonyms: continuous, continuing, nonstop

Antonyms: periodic, recurrent, intermittent

Sentence: The incessant noise from an outside repair crew was a real distraction during the test

  1. Gratuitous (adj.)

Meaning: not costing or charging anything (निःशुल्क)

Synonyms: free, complimentary, costless

Antonyms: expensive, high, costly

Sentence: They will throw in a gratuitous box of chocolates when you spend $30 or more in their shop

  1. Abler (adj.)

Meaning: having the required skills for an acceptable level of performance (समर्थ)

Synonyms: suitable, qualified, capable

Antonyms: unfit, poor, incompetent

Sentence: We feel physically abler and emotionally freer.

  1. Analogue (noun)

Meaning: Something that is similar to something else in design, origin, use, etc (अनुरूप)

Synonyms: image, counterpart, portrait

Antonyms: reverse, opposite, antithesis

Sentence: He analogue a picture of that person

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