The largest seizures of narcotics under Operation Samudra Gupta

The largest seizures of narcotics under Operation Samudra Gupta

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has seized around 2,500 kg of high-purity methamphetamine by intercepting a “mothership” carrying drugs in the Indian waters. The seized drug worth around twelve thousand crore rupees and it is one of the “largest seizures of narcotics” till date.

According to information, the intercepted mothership had been stationed in the Indian Ocean near to Oman. It had been smuggled from the ship and it is believed to have been set for dispatch to India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

What is Mothership?

  • Large sea-going vessels called Motherships have being carried major quantities of contraband narcotics for distribution to receiving vessels over the route. Motherships are usually placed in international waters with bulk contraband.
  • While smaller ships are known as dhows pick up which the contraband from the mothership and deliver it to their respective destinations.

Largest seizure:

  • The recent operation was executed by the NCB and the Indian Navy jointly. One man detained and he supposed to be a Pakistani national.
  • Seizure of drugs is the largest seizure in terms of its monetary value.
  • Trafficking of methamphetamine which is also known as crystal meth remains a challenge for enforcement agencies.
  • It is the third major seizure by the NCB since Operation Samudragupta kicked off in February 2022.

Operation Samudra Gupta:

  • It was launched in February 2022 to stop the maritime trafficking of drugs originating from Afghanistan especially.
  • The primary objective of the operation is to collect actionable inputs that could lead to interdiction of ships carrying narcotics contraband.
  • Under this operation the team distribute for gathering information from drug law enforcement agencies such as the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Anti-Terrorism Squad in Gujarat and intelligence agencies and after take decision to take actions.

Question & Answer:

Q1. Under which operation Narcotics Control Bureau and Indian Navy jointly seized largest value of drugs recently?

Ans. Operation Samudragupta

Q2. Who is the director general of Narcotics Control Bureau?

Ans. Satya Narayan Pradhan


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