The longest bridge: Padma Bridge

The longest bridge: Padma Bridge

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About Padma Multipurpose Bridge:

The Padma Multipurpose Bridge is a two-level road-rail bridge over the Padma River. The Padma River is the main distributaries’ of the Ganges and located in Bangladesh. Padma Bridge links Shariatpur and Madaripur with the southwest of the country to the northern and eastern regions.

In news:

Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh has inaugurated the long-awaited of the country’s biggest infrastructure project ‘Padma Bridge’ since its independence from Pakistan in 1971. This ambitious project will give the nation’s development index a big boost and connect India directly to Dhaka, through road, rail and ports.

Construction of Padma Bridge:

As per the official statements by the authorities, the design and construction of the Padma Bridge is not the sole achievement of one particular person or organisation. Many people have lent their best services to the project. The design of the Padma Bridge was made and approved by the AECOM of New Zealand.

The design work of the bridge was started in Hong Kong along with ACME International of Australia, North West Hydraulic Consultants of Canada and Bangladeshi ACE Consultants Limited in 2009. It is memorized that Robin Shyam, a British citizen, headed the AECOM team for the design of the bridge.

Connecting Border:

The Petrapole–Benapole border is linking the southern part of West Bengal to the southern part of Bangladesh and the bus is the most popular way to arrive at Bangladesh from India.

The distance to Dhaka from the Indian border at Benapole by road will now be cut by 70km and travel time by 4.30 hours.

It will also cut the Kolkata-Dhaka train journey time by half.

Benefits of trans-Asian highway network:

The Padma Bridge is now linking India, Nepal, China, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand.

This linkage between Asian countries is act as a major link of the trans-Asian highway network.

The benefits of this linkage to highway network will increase trade, transport and co-operation among these countries.

It will create smooth and secure ways of business, security and partnerships in different areas.

Question & Answer:

Q1. What is the name of bridge which is inaugurated recently in Bangladesh?

Ans. Padma Bridge

Q2. What is the specified thing for the recently inaugurated Padma Bridge?

Ans. It is the longest bridge of Bangladesh

Q3. The Padma Bridge is linked how many countries and which are the countries?

Ans. 7 and linked to Bangladesh with India, Nepal, China, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand


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