Tips & Tricks to solve Data Interpretation (DI)

Tips & Tricks to solve Data Interpretation (DI)

Data interpretation is a part of quantitative aptitude in banking exams with questions asked at both prelims and mains level.

Data interpretation covers a good portion of the section and does not includes extensive calculation and comparatively easier than the rest of the mathematics portion. It offers easy marks to aspirants and is very achievable, and is advised to be included as a core part of the preparation.

♦What is DI?

  • Data interpretation is that part of mathematics where the question is presented in the form of representation rather than just statements. And it involves the principles from topics such as ratio and proportion, percentage and average and some mixed concepts. The level of questions asked is moderate to tough. But the topic could be attempted easily with the presence of mind and regular practice.

The questions of DI could be represented in the form of:

  • Bar graph
  • Line graph
  • Histogram
  • Pie chart
  • Different variations of the Tabulated form (tabular DI)
  • Miscellaneous and mixed form.
  • Caselet
  • Arithmetic

The most important part in solving DIs is fast calculation. If you want to fasten your calculation, you will have to be patient first. The fast calculation is not something which you can learn in a single day. You will have to work hard every single day to make your calculations fast, and you will also have to be consistent.

♦To increase your speed, you can follow these steps

  1. On a daily basis, create 25 ques. each of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and try to solve them fast. (Don’t take it lightly as speed matters a lot in Solving DI)
  2. Remember tables up to 25 at least.
  3. Remember squares (up to 30) and cubes (up to 20). After remembering these, practice short tricks for evaluating squares (up to 125), square roots and cube roots,
  4. Remember Fraction to percentage values.
  • These are the basic practice you must do every day.
  • Try to solve 3–5 Data Interpretation (DIs) daily.

By following these simple steps for some time, you can achieve fast speed in quant.

♦Here are some tips to attempt DI

  1. Read the question thoroughly and carefully.
  2. Analyse the given data carefully. Try to understand the graph/pie chart/data.
  3. Don’t start solving questions first. Note down all the calculations in a tabular form in the sheet.
  4. Keep your mind calm and follow stepwise calculation with cross-checks.
  5. Fasten your calculation speed while practising the question.
  6. Try to mark out the incorrect options while going ahead in solving the question.
  7. In mix type of questions, start with the simplest part of the question and then go ahead, try to join links as well.
  8. Regular practice, mock test and solving previous year question are some important tips to score more.
  9. Try to practice all types of questions of DI. Get familiar with different types of DI while practising. This will give you confidence in the exam.

Arithmetic D.I

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