UNSC Meet on Counterterrorism Will be Hosted by India:

In this article, we will see important points UNSC Meet on Counterterrorism Will be Hosted by India

UNSC Meet on Counterterrorism Will be Hosted by India:

India, as a member of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) , is going to host a meeting of delegates and diplomats of membering countries including China, Russia and US on Counterterrorism in the month of October in the location of Mumbai and Delhi. 

The meeting of Counterterrorism Committee(CTC) will be mainly focused on a few topics and the topics are money laundering, terrorism funding, cyber threats in the form of terrorism and the use of new technologies to promote terrorism such as drone and crypto currency. 

India’s Role:

In this scheduled meeting ,India will be going to raise few important topics such as cross border threats and illegal funding to promote terrorism from Pakistan and Afghanistan. India has been selected as a member of UNSC(2021-22) and this is a good opportunity for India to address topics on Counterterrorism and find solutions for this threat.

Although illegal funding and terror financing is been deal by the FATF(financial task force) and it has been doing its job in this field but after the emergence of new technologies which have been misused by terror groups, it becomes mandate to find more solution and build ‘codes of conduct ‘ to deal with these issues.

The Prime Minister of India has also hosted a UNSC meeting on Enhancing Maritime Security in the month of August 2022. Due to COVID it has been hosted through virtual mode.

Main Objectives:

Terrorism is not a problem only in India. It has spread its roots all over the world. Many countries nowadays are dealing with such an issue. Including US, China and even Pakistan and Afghanistan itself which are infamous to promote and funded terrorism are facing this unwanted and problematic situation. Thus it becomes necessary to address this issue and find effective solutions to combat counter-terrorism. 

The special meeting on Counterterrorism by the UN Security Council has mainly focused on three areas according to the officials. These areas are the uses of social media to promote threats and terrorism, illegal finance funding and use of new technologies such as drone in terrorism.

What is Terror financing?

Terror financing is a term that includes illegal funding to the terror groups and people who are promoting terrorism. These funds are given them illegally and use for spreading terrorism in many countries around the world. 

There are rules to combat counter-terrorism and terror financing in many countries. Many nations have proposed anti money laundering rules in their states to fight against terrorism.

Questions And Answers:

Q1. Which country is going to host the UNSC meeting on Counterterrorism?

Ans. India.

Q2. In which month the meeting is scheduled to be held?

Ans. October.


Q3. In which state this meeting is going to be held?

Ans. Mumbai and Delhi.


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