What is Moonlighting ?

What is Moonlighting ?

The moonlighting issue has been accelerated by tech professionals since some times. The moonlighting has kindled a fresh debate, polarising opinions and raising thorny legal questions around tech professionals.

Definition of the term moonlighting:

Moonlighting denotes to a side job in addition to one’s primary employment.

Moonlighting is the phrase that is applied to describe the practice of working for other organizations while committing oneself to one’s primary workplace, usually without the employer’s knowledge.

In moonlighting, usually such side jobs are done by employees in secret, without informing the employer.

Why moonlighting issue overwhelmed?

A delivery platform Swiggy had introduced a “Moonlighting” policy for its employees in August 2022. In this policy employees are allowed to take up external projects to make more money.

But after this incident many corporate and IT firms have restricted their employees to do moonlighting. As their policy is not allowed to does another job parallel and even their secrecy of company’s data is also breaching.

Steps taken by IT firms to curb moonlighting:

Infosys Indian tech giant has officially gave warning to its employees that moonlighting could resulted into termination of services.
Another tech giant Wipro has already terminated 300 employees who were witnessed to be moonlighting with one of its key rivals at the same time.

Ethical issue:

Tata Consultancy Services has described it as an ethical dilemma because it breached the policy of holding customer’s data secret.

One is not able to do more than one company’s work as one can easily use information for illegal activities.

Advantages of moonlighting:

  • At the time of pandemic plenty of gigs from website development to app creation were involved for earning.
  • These one-off projects are considered by some as quick ways to supplement income.
  • It involves part-time engagement thus workers opting for such side jobs did not see it as a direct conflict of interest.

Disadvantages of moonlighting:

  • It breaches the company policy where the data of customers are very sensitive and could be use for illegal activities.
  • Employee who does full time work for company might be compromised his/her work due to less energy at work place.
  • It also discourage newly (fresher) or unemployed person to enter in employment.

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