World shames over Qatar FIFA World cup

World shames over Qatar FIFA World cup

FIFA World Cup has started its countdown as it will be started from 20th November in Doha, Qatar. The step taken by government authorities of Qatar has attracted focus all over the world towards its recent move over eviction of workers especially Asian and African workers.

What is the matter?

Qatar has evicted apartment after eviction to workers from their homes and blocks housing thousands of foreign workers in the same areas in the centre of the capital Doha where soccer fans will stay during the World Cup.

This happened at the time which is less than four weeks of starting of the global soccer tournament which has drawn intense international scrutiny of Qatar’s treatment of foreign workers and its restrictive social laws.

Deliberate Ghettoisation:

In Qatar most of the workers are foreign workers which numbered three million populations.

Many of those evicted are working as drivers, day labourers or have contracts with companies but are responsible for their own accommodation.

Some of those working for major construction firms who live in camps housing tens of thousands of people.

As information received the evictions targeting single men, while foreign workers with families were unaffected.

Response of Qatari authorities:

According to the administration, the structures were unsafe and unfit for human habitation and after its eviction process all evictees are now in suitable housing.

Some World Cup spectators have planned their stay in residences in the neighbourhood where dozens of mechanical diggers are parked in the streets and the affected region has just undergone extensive redevelopment, especially near Al Mansoura.

The South Asian manager of a 24-hour store in Al Mansoura confirmed to have seen evictions from two buildings but the occupants are not paid rent or leases.

People who are living without legal contracts might have planned to migrate to other locations through FIFA events.

Question & Answer:

Q1. Which international sports event is gaining attention with shame for its eviction of migrant workers step?

Ans. FIFA world Cup 2022

Q2. Where the FIFA world Cup 2022 is scheduled to be organized?

Ans. Qatar

Q3. In which year FIFA was founded and where is headquarter of it located?

Ans. 1904 and HQ: Zurich, Switzerla

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