You feel demotivated to study. Do you know why?

Are there times when you don’t feel motivated enough?

Well, we all have gone through those days when the clock is fast ticking but we just sit there and stare at our books and notes and don’t seem to even budge. We get so wrapped up in our thoughts that the motivation to study is simply not there. Have you ever wondered why? Read further to know what could be the possible reasons that you feel demotivated to study.

  1. You don’t have long-term goals
    It is imperative for aspirants to have goals. Goals help to focus in a given direction and help you when you feel demotivated to study. Long-term goals give a vision about what your future will be like and you will be motivated enough to work hard towards achieving them. However, you need to remember that in order to achieve those long-term goals; you need to first achieve a lot of short-term goals.

  1. You study too much
    Studying for hours is usually considered good and is also appreciated. However, we believe you need to balance it out by making a schedule. Don’t forget to include breaks between your sessions. Breaks help re-energize and refresh the mind. Apart from that, add recreational activities to your list. Taking out time for catching up with friends, going for a walk and doing things that interest you the most will help you to stay motivated.

  1. You don’t see much progress
    Even after studying hard when you don’t seem to make much progress, it can impact your motivation levels. It is then common to feel demotivated to study and lose interest in it. At this juncture, what is of significance is to continue studying with even stronger determination. Here, a good mentor or coach can help you. He/she can introduce you to effective ways of studying that can help you to make a considerable progress. At, we aim to help our aspirants to stay motivated through our motivational articles. Our experts makes constant efforts to reach out to each of the aspirants and pay close attention to their needs by helping them in their day-to-day studies.

  1. You are stressed
    Another reason that can lead to demotivation is stress. Stress and anxiety reduce your energy levels, thereby making you sloppy. It is, thus, important to keep stress at bay and for that, you can indulge in meditation, do yoga or simply go for a walk. This will help you to de-stress and motivate you to do better. In addition, adopt a positive approach and look forward to working hard.

  1. You do not know the effective way to study
    At times even after studying hard aspirants are not able to score any better and thus feel demotivated. This could be due to using ineffective ways of studying. It is essential to understand that in order to reap the maximum benefits of your study it is imperative to use effective study methods.

  1. You are not using the right learning style
    What kind of a learner are you? While some are visual learners, some social, some auditory and so forth, it is thus important for you to find your right learning style. You can read our blog that will help you find your learning style. Knowing your learning style will help you study in a way that suits you and score well which will, in turn, motivate you to do better.

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