6th Successful Anniversary of AmbitiousBaba

6th Successful Anniversary of AmbitiousBaba

This year, AmbitiousBaba is celebrating 75th Independence Day as well as its 6th Successful Anniversary. We want to express our gratitude to each and every member of the team who contributed to the success of AmbitiousBaba.

Sobhita, Priya, Pooja, Arun, Diksha, Shristi, Shiwangi, Surya, Rishita, Chetan, and many more AB’ians, you all are a big reason for what we have done and the numerous milestones we have achieved. It’s fair to say that we found such a fantastic group of people to work with us. Kirti Singh most Important Part of Team AB.

We want to show our appreciation and the fact that we see all the hard work and efforts you all put into your work. We are blessed to have all our members in the Team. We sincerely appreciate that you all put your best into every work you do and strive for perfection. We are really pleased with your efforts and tenacity.

We would like to congratulate Team AB on the 6th Successful Anniversary of AmbitiousBaba.

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