Age Based Quiz Quiz for RRB PO & RRB Clerk: Quiz – 10

Age Based Quiz Quiz for IBPS, SBI, RBI: Quiz – 10

Age Based Problems are one of the most important topics that are commonly asked in the Quantitative Aptitude Section of almost every competitive examination, so you can’t take the risk to skip it. So, here we are providing you with the Age Based Problems Quiz. This Age Based Problems Quiz includes a detailed solution for each question. This Age Based Problems Quiz is completely free. This Age Based Problems Quiz is based on the most recent or latest exam pattern. This Age Based Problems Quiz can help candidates to solve Age Based Problems quickly and effectively without wasting time. Candidates should aim to solve as much of this Age Based Problems Quiz as possible before taking any competitive exam.

  1. 6 years before the average age of husband and wife and their son was 45 year. The son got married and exactly after 1 year a child was born to them. When the child become 5 years old the average age of the family become 37 years. What was the age of bride at the time of marriage?

(a) 26 years

(b) 17 years

(c) 21 years

(d) 31 years

(e) 18 years

Answer & Explanation

  1. The average age of Ram and his son, five years ago was 27.5. Ram’s present age is five years more than thrice of his son’s present age. Find ratio of their present ages?

(a) 14 : 9

(b) 15 : 4

(c) 20 : 7

(d) 10 : 3

(e) 9 : 5

Answer & Explanation

  1. Mohan has two sons named Ram and Karan. The ratio of age of Mohan and Ram is 5 : 2 and that of Ram and Karan is 8 : 5. Also, Ram is 6 years elder than Karan. Find the ratio of their ages after 10 years.  

(a) 23 : 10 : 4

(b) 25 : 16 : 9

(c) 25 : 13 : 10

(d) 50 : 26 : 19

(e) 25 : 16 : 10

Answer & Explanation

  1. Average present age of Ritu and Priya is 22. After 8 years, ratio b/w priya’s age to ritu’s age is 7 : 8, then find the ratio of Ritu’s age to priya’s age two years ago.

(a) 12 : 11

(b) 11 : 9

(c) 8 : 7

(d) 9 : 7

(e) 13 : 11

Answer & Explanation

  1. Rita is 3/4 times of her friend Kapil’s age and Manish is 5/3 times of Rita’s age. After 10 years, the ratio of Manish, Rita and Kapil’s age is 15 : 11 : 13. Find Rita’s age 5 years ago ?       

(a) 6 yrs

(b) 8 yrs

(c) 9 yrs

(d) 7 yrs

(e) 5 yrs

Answer & Explanation

  1. Present age of Ram is three times of his son’s present age and two-third of his father’s present age. At present, the average age of all of them is 34 years. What is the difference between present age of Ram’s son and his father’s age?

(a) 36 yrs

(b) 42 yrs

(c) 48 yrs

(d) 54 yrs

(e) 52 yrs

Answer & Explanation

  1. Average age of Akshita, Sonakshi and Abhishek is 32 after 4 year. Ratio of present age of Askhita and Abhishek is 3 : 4. If sum of present age of Akshita and sonakshi is 52. Then find the difference between age of Sonakshi and Abhishek.

(a) 6

(b) 8

(c) 3

(d) 5

(e) 4

Answer & Explanation

  1. Five year hence, average age of A, B and C is 27. Six years ago ratio of age of A and B is 6 : 7. B is 8 years younger than C. then, find the difference between C’s age and A’s age ?

(a) 14

(b) 12

(c) 10

(d) 8

(e) 6

Answer & Explanation

  1. The average age of a husband and wife, who were married 7 years ago, was 25 years at the time of their marriage, Now, the average age of the family, including husband, wife and a child, born during the interval, is 22 years. What is the present age of the child?

(a) 4 years

(b) 3 years

(c) 2 years

(d) 6 years

(e) 5 years

Answer & Explanation

  1. There are three members in a family, mother, father and son. The average age of the three members was 42 years on the day of their son’s marriage. After 6 years of the marriage, the average age of the family will be 36 years when a grandson was born after 2 years of the marriage. Find the age of the daughter-in-law at the time of marriage.

(a) 26 years

(b) 27 years

(c) 28 years

(d) 29 years

(e) 32 years

Answer & Explanation

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