CAIIB paper 2 (BFM) Recollected questions : 3rd July 2022

Bank Financial Management (CAIIB Paper 2) Memory based: 3rd July 2022

CAIIB is a flagship course offered by IIBF. The exam is held twice every year – Once in May and once in November.  3 July 2022 CAIIB Paper 2 exam We provide Recollected Questions . In these papers, maximum questions are repeated in every exam. So, Ambitious baba is providing you with CAIIB  recollected Question Papers of ) Bank Financial Management . These recollected Question Papers ) Bank Financial Management will be very useful in upcoming shifts.

  • 2 case studies on vertical horizontal
  • Cash, Tom, Spot, Forward
  • Cooke Ratio formula
  • NSFR formula
  • 31 to 60 day which SMA
  • Embedded option risk →→
  • You visit US you can take 2.5 Lac dollar
  • RAPM Calculated as
  • Capital Changed for Market Risk to protect 4-Interst rate risk
  • Indian Rupee is ___________
  • Freely Convertible on CIA and to large extent also convetiable on capital Account
  • Main objective of NSFR
  • Debenture are governed by relevant provisions on
  • Combination of spot and Forward, transaction
  • ECGC does not offer ______________ to banks
  • Two dimention of Credit Risk
  • EVA (formula)
  • LCR (formula)
  • Provisioning Coverage Ratio is the ratio of Provisioning to __________
  • Stationary & stamps on hand is considered as

• 10 days currency given find sd.
• Swap agreement numerical.
• Cancellation mein profit loss calculation. Crar.
• Standardized approach highest beta factor
• Prior to 1990 treasury management was
• Hqla 2b
• Commercial building kaa provision
• NDS OM one case study, one theory question
• Basel case study, components of T1 T2 given, need to calculate from them
• Forex case study, TT cancellation
• Case study on horizontal and vertical disallowance
•  PCNPS are considered under which capital of bank (tier 1)
• Core capital consists of (paid up capital, free reserves, unallocated surplus)
• Central counter parties like ccil are created to address what type of risk?
• Haircut prescribed for level 2 B high quality liquid asste under BIS rule
• Settlement is a key function of ______
• In FRA, 6*9M means
• RAPM is calculated as?
• Formula of EVA (k is discount rate)
• Combination of spot & forward transaction is called as: Foreign exchange swap transactions
• PCR is the rate of provision to _____
• Main objective of NSFR
• RAPM is calculated as



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