Crux of the meeting between India and France

Crux of the meeting between India and France:

India on Wednesday saw that the latest disengagement between the Indian and Chinese troops at PP-15(patrolling point) in the Gogra hot springs area of eastern Ladakh resulted in “one problem less” along the India-China frontier.

The statement from the External Affairs Minister S.Jaishankar came a day before the Prime Minister is scheduled to travel to Samarkand,Uzbekistan for the SCO(Shanghai Cooperation Organization) summit in which all the heads of governments of the member countries including President of China Xi Jinping were there.

Some insights of the meeting:

With the visiting French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna at joint press conference,Mr.Jaishankar said,”You have heard me speaking many times about the border and today also,I don’t think that I will say anything new, except I would recognise that we had disengagement at PP-15 ,Eastern Ladakh and that disengagement between Indian and China troops was completed and that’s is ‘one problem less on the border ‘. However,the Ministry of External Affairs had pointed to the remaining issues at the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The point of the military tension between India and China came up during the interaction between the media when both the French and Indian ministries referred to the Ukraine problems.

Some facts:

Mr.Jaishankar called France a “player” in the indo-pacific as France has been active in the Indian ocean and Indo-Pacific region for a long time.

Ms.Colonna indicated that Paris had been watching the tension between India and China,saying “when the core principles on the international rules-based order are flouted anywhere,they are weakened everywhere including the Indo-Pacific. We are very concerned about the development in Ukraine but not ignoring what is happening in the Indo-Pacific region and what applies to Europe and the Indo-Pacific region applies everywhere. France and India deny a world where ‘might makes right’. 

About statement:

When media asked a question on China’s military muscle-flexing in the Indo-Pacific to S Jaishankar,he said that it is important for “like-minded countries” to work together to contribute to ensuring peace, security and prosperity in the region and we consider France very much an Indo-Pacific player and also a country which has a longstanding presence in the Indian Ocean,” he said.


France is India’s very important diplomatic ally and its contribution towards the tension between China and India is appreciated. With this meeting India and France will strengthen their cooperation.

Questions And Answers:

Q1. What is the name of foreign minister of India?

Ans.  S. Jaishankar

Q2. What is the name of foreign minister of France?

Ans. Catherine Colonna

Q3. In which country the SCO summit was held?

Ans. Uzbekistan

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