Daily Most important English Grammar Rule |Day-1

If you just started learning English, you first need to know some basic rules of the language. Developing a solid foundation in English grammar will not only help you create your own sentences correctly but will also make it easier to improve your English language section. Here we are providing Daily top basic Grammar Rules of English Language to crack any competitive exams. 


  1. Subject verb agreement errors:
  • If subject is Singular, the verb should be singular.
  • If subject is plural, the verb should be plural.
  1. When two or more subjects are joined by:

With, Together with, as well as, like, unlike, besides, in addition to, along with, and not,

Rather than, no less than, expect, nothing but,  The verb is according to the first subject

However, when the subjects are connected by ‘not only-but also ,neither-nor, either-or, none-but,  the verb is according to the nearest subject.

  1. Use of Few with Little:

‘Few’ is used for numbers

Eg: There are few cakes left

‘Little’ is used for quantity that cannot count individually.

Eg: A little water in the glass.

  1. Use of Affect and Effect:

‘Affect’ is a verb, means- influence or have an impact on sth

Eg: Continuous attack of asthma has affected his health.

‘Effect’ is used as a noun to refer the result of being affected by sth

Eg: Excessive hard work in life had adverse effect on her health.


‘Lose’ is a verb that means to be unable to find or fail to keep or hold or to fail.

Eg: Do not lose hope.

‘Loose’ is an adjective which means not tightly attached, like loose clothing.


‘Between’ is used for referring two persons/things.

‘Among’ is used for referring more than two persons/things

  1. Some nouns have one meaning in the Singular and another in the Plural:
Advice= Counsel Advices = information
Air = atmosphere Airs = proud
Good= wise Goods = property
Iron =metal Irons= Fetters, chains
Content =  Satisfaction Contents = things contained
Authority = command Authorities = persons in power
Force = strength Forces = Army
Earning – income Earnings= sowings
  1. Some common mistakes in the use of certain nouns.
Family members Members of family
Mathematics teacher Teacher of mathematics
Cousins bro/sis Only cousin
Lecturer ship Lectureship
Boarding Boarding house



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