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Phrase Replacement Quiz

One of the most essential questions in banking exams is the phrase Replacement question. In banking exams, you’ll be offered phrase replacement questions for 3-5 points. Each of the five options for the Phrase Replacement Questions describes a different way of phrasing the bold or underlined phrase. 5 to 10 questions about phrase replacement are asked in most competitive exams. So, here we bring to you the Phrase Replacement Quiz. This Phrase Replacement Quiz contains a detailed explanation of each question. This Phrase Replacement Quiz is entirely free of charge. In order to improve their preparation for upcoming tests, candidates should completely go over this Phrase Replacement Quiz.

Directions (1-10): Which of the following phrases/expressions given below each sentence should replace the phrase highlighted in bold to make the sentence grammatically correct? Choose the best option among the five given alternatives that reflect the correct use of the phrase in the context of both grammatically and logically correct sentence.

  1. The Supreme Court on Wednesday refused the Centre’s request for monitorthe problem of unauthorised constructions mushrooming in the Capital, saying “we are not policemen”. A Bench of Justices Madan B. Lokur and Deepak Gupta rapped the government for its inability to check illegal buildings.

(a) request for Centre to
(b) Centre’s request of monitor
(c) Centre’s request to monitor
(d) Centre requesting monitor
(e) none of these

Answer & Explanation
Ans. c

Exp. Option (c) is the correct choice as Centre requested Supreme Court to monitor the illegal construction. The request was made by Centre, therefore, ‘Centre’s request’ and the purpose for request was ‘to monitor’ the illegal construction therefore ‘to monitor”. Hence “Centre’s request to monitor” is the correct expression which makes the sentence correct.

  1. Senior Rajasthan cadre IPS officer Indu Kumar Bhushan, who has been at the centre of several controversies including one whom heopenly questioned the knowledge of a Governor, has been compulsorily retired by the government.

(a) includes the one in which he
(b) includes one he
(c) including where he
(d) including one where he
(e) none of these

Answer & Explanation
Ans. d

Exp. Mr. Bhushan is at the centre of many controversies ‘including one where he’ openly questioned the knowledge of Governor.

Option (a) cannot be correct as the singular verb “includes” does not tally with its subject [several controversies].

  1. Officials and experts says New Delhi shouldexpect a tougher stand from Mr. Oli, who is armed with a massive election mandate, winning his confidence vote with a four-fifths majority and has taken on new administrative powers in the past few weeks.

(a) say New Delhi should
(b) said New Delhi need
(c) says New Delhi would
(d) says New Delhi needs to
(e) all of the above

Answer & Explanation
Ans. a

Exp. Officials and experts say New Delhi should expect a tougher…. Because officials and experts are plural in form therefore we need to use ‘say’ instead of ‘says’ and as the sentence is in present tense therefore we cannot use ‘said’.

  1. The Supreme Court on Wednesday asked the Centre to respond to an affidavit filed by the Election Commission (EC) of India to amend the lawdebar candidates contesting frommultiple constituencies.

(a) preventing candidates contesting from
(b) to prevent candidates contesting from
(c) which prevents candidates to contest from
(d) which prevents candidates contesting from
(e) All of the above

Answer & Explanation
Ans. e

Exp. All of the above options are grammatically correct and can be used as replacement of the given expression.

  1. Kim Jong-un and the South’s President Moon Jae-in are due meet for aninter-Korean summit on April 27.

(a) are going to meet for a
(b) are due to meet for an
(c) are to meet for an
(d) going to meet for an
(e) none of these

Answer & Explanation
Ans. b

Exp. Option (b) is the correct expression which can replace the existing phrase to make the sentence grammatically and contextually correct.

(a) cannot be the answer as it is ‘are going to meet for a’ but it should be ‘an’ before ‘inter’.

(c) cannot be the answer as ‘going’ is needed between ‘are’ and ‘to’ to make it grammatically correct.

(d) cannot be the answer as ‘are’ is required before ‘going’ to make it correct.


  1. Bahrain announced Wednesday onits newly discovered shale oil reserve was estimated to contain more than 80 billion barrels, making the once-marginal oil producer potentially a major player in the market.

(a) said Wednesday
(b) announced Wednesday
(c) on Wednesday announced
(d) announced in Wednesday
(e) All of the above

Answer & Explanation
Ans. c

Exp. If we talk about an announcement made on a particular day then we use ‘on’ to denote that day therefore (c) will be the correct answer.

  1. Private sector banks have also revealed divergence in reporting bad loans in the last fiscal, which shot up after the RBI’s annual inspection, pointing to the need for raising governance standardsthese entities as well.

(a) in these entities as well
(b) of those banks too
(c) to these banks also
(d) also of these entities
(e) no correction required

Answer & Explanation
Ans. a

Exp. ‘these’ will be used for the private sector banks because they are being mentioned in the sentence.

Standards in these banks need to be improved therefore ‘in’ will be used for these banks. Therefore option (a) is the correct expression which makes the above statement grammatically correct.

  1. Tech giant Microsoft said on Wednesdayit would invest$5 billion over the next four years on Internet of Things (IoT) globally.

(a) it is going investing
(b) it aim to invest
(c) it invests
(d) its investment of
(e) No correction required

Answer & Explanation
Ans. e

Exp. The sentence is correct as it is.

  1. Boeing had earlier state that it islikely to commence delivery of its 737 MAX aircraft to its Indian customers, Jet Airways and SpiceJet, in the third quarter of past fiscal.

(a) conveyed that it is
(b) said that it was
(c) spoke that it is
(d) said that it is
(e) no correction required

Answer & Explanation
Ans. b

Exp. Option (b) is the correct expression because the sentence is starting with ‘had’ which shows that it is in the past tense; therefore ‘said that it was’ is correct.

  1. The Chennai branch will assist the bank’s growing customer base in India with services, including corporate banking, retail banking, treasury, trade finance and foreign exchange services withcorporate and SME products, according to a statement.

(a) services among with
(b) services to
(c) services towards
(d) services along with
(e) no correction required

Answer & Explanation
Ans. d

Exp. As the sentence is talking about services like corporate banking, retail, treasury etc. in addition to corporate and SME products, therefore ‘along with’ is the correct phrase to link the two types of services mentioned in two parts of the sentence. Hence option (d) is the correct answer.

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