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Directions (1-5): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate words without changing the meaning of the passage.

                Lately, the media seems to have gone berserk in …(1)… everything that pertains to the New Economy. Behind the great bulk of the articles on the subject are two …(2)… assumptions. First, that the New Economy businesses are likely to push Old Economy industries all the way into oblivion. Second, that …(3)… about the New Economy is far superior to that of the Old Economy. Both those emphatic assumptions could be …(4)… flawed. Physical products the cornerstone of the old Economy are hardly likely to …(5)… out in importance even in the age of the internet.

Q1. (a) listening

(b) advocating

(c) ignoring

(d) adopting

(e) viewing

Q2. (a) bold

(b) emphasizing

(c) underlying

(d) overriding

(e) overlapping

Q3. (a) glitter 

(b) everything

(c) each thing

(d) proceed

(e) highlight

Q4. (a) thinking 

(b) deliberately

(c) casually

(d) carelessly

(e) seriously

Q5. (a) lose 

(b) charm

(c) iron

(d) stand

(e) bear

Directions (6-10): In each of the following questions a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the passage complete and coherent.

Q6. FDI may actually be harmful to the recipient country if the economy is highly protected and foreign investment takes place behind high tariff walls. This type of investment is generally referred to as the tariff-jumping’ variety of foreign investment, whose primary objective is to take advantage of the protected markets in the host country. The longer the Government shields its home market with tariffs……………and more acute will be the conflict between him and the domestic entrepreneur. In view of this, an appropriate policy framework must respond to two conflicting objective: the need to liberalize rules governing such investment in view of the growing integration of the world economy, and the need to ensure that such investment has positive effects on the country’s economy and does not lead to negative welfare effects.

(a) The more the foreign countries to apply pressure on India

(b) The more the foreign money to come in India

(c) The more the foreigner will come to exploit that protected market

(d) The more the foreigner to protest against that government

(e) The more the foreigner will raise the issue on international platform

Q7. Currently, demonetisation has been having a significantly negative impact on the microfinance sector and its clients; the poorer segments of the population are the worst hit. For security purposes, most of the loan transfers, from MFIs to clients, happen through the national electronic funds transfer (NEFT). However, repayment from them is by liquid currency. This is primarily because the poor use cash and do not use technology for daily chores. (………………………………………………………..)

(a) MFIs are unable to accept discontinued currencies as the banks are refusing to accept these.

(b) About 60 per cent of Indian adults did not have access to formal financial institutions.

(c) The account opening drive through the Prime Minister’s Jan Dhan Yojana was a welcome initiative; however, most of these accounts were dormant.

(d) Even if they wanted to, the overarching architecture for a cashless economy is yet to be put in place and these people need to be educated to use it.

(e) None of the above.

Q8. South India has always been highly dependent on the monsoon, which is uncertain and risky. Over the past few decades, the south-west monsoon has become unpredictable and has reduced in intensity. What does this mean for the Cauvery? The amount of water the river receives during the summer rains is becoming increasingly unreliable. In good years, when the river receives enough rainfall, there is no discord between the two States.(………………………………………..)

(a) In bad years, like the one we are facing now, it turns into a gargantuan political crisis.

(b) Unfortunately, the number of bad years is only going to worsen.

(c)The Cauvery river’s fertile basin has encouraged the growth of forests, agriculture and industry.

(d) There needs to be a redesign of the farming system, keeping in mind in particular the water requirements of the crops planted after the onset of the south-west monsoon.

(e) None of the above.

Q9. ……………………..and the proponents of market reforms have no plans for those who do not have the resources and income to buy even two meals a day. The signals are clear that those who cannot pay for their food have no right to survive. These poorer sections of society are reduced to mere victims, beneficiaries, clients and recipients. In this dichotomous relationship, the state is seen as the ‘dole giver’ and the people the ‘dole receiver’. It must be recognized that irrespective of market-governed politics, people remain bound to survival, livelihood and identity issues.

(a) The governments have ceased to govern.

(b) When the market is allowed to govern, the government becomes powerless to affect any radical social changes.

(c) Elections have failed to make democracy distributive and justice oriented.

(d) It is about market reforms and absence of plans for the poorest of the poor.

(e) A patron-client relationship defines modern governments and the masses.

Q10. Computers are used in banks for a variety of reasons. They help bank personnel operate more efficiently and effectively. Computers are used to track certain transactions and they help process other customer information as well. Without computers, it would be very hard for a bank to offer good customer service day in and day out. Computers help a bank save time and money, and can be used as an aid to generate profits. In nut shell they have become indispensible part of the banks. Bank personnel become so helpless in absence of their machine that nervousness is evident on their faces while technical glitch renders the computer systems dysfunctional for a small period of time. ………………………………………. . Once again queues starts to move and crowd starts to thin with fingers starting to work on keyboards; nervousness has made way for confidence of knowing everything at just a click of mouse.

(a) Crowd starts to swell and nervousness starts to turn in fear of failure.

(b) A sense of relief spreads as the problem gets rectified.

(c) There is a condition of traffic jam in bank and everything comes to a halt.

(d) It is not their fault and they are excused for it.

(e) Technology comes with its own disadvantages.


  1. Ans. (b)
  2. Ans. (c)
  3. Ans. (b)
  4. Ans. (e)
  5. Ans. (a)
  6. Ans. (c)

 Market is being discussed here not the countries. Option (e) is fit for the context but not for the place of the blank space where immediately before it shielding the markets is being described and immediately after conflict between the Indian and foreign entrepreneur is given. Conflict of countries is not given. So this option is too wide in its scope for the blank space and hence is not appropriate. Other options are inappropriately distant from the context.

  1. Ans. (d)

 The last given sentence of the paragraph tells the reason why poor people depend still on cash transactions. So option (d) correctly explains it further. Other options are not relevant to the paragraph.

  1. Ans. (a)

 The last sentence of the paragraph talks about the political situation between the two states during good monsoon season. So it should be followed by the sentence depicting the situation during bad monsoon season. Hence option (a) completes the paragraph correctly, while the other options talk about different issues.

  1. Ans. (b)

 As per the passage in starting portion it has been given that market oriented people do not have plans for poor people or in other words no social agenda which is definitely the priority of any government. But if power of government is transferred to others (market forces in this case) then there would not be any radical social change. From the other options, (c) discusses elections but there is nothing related to elections in the passage. Option (d) is contradicting what is said in the statement following the blank space. Option (e) seems to be a finishing sentence rather than an opening sentence as it is related to last part of passage and not with the starting part.

  1. Ans. (b)

  Passage can be divided in two parts; One before the blank space and other after the blank space. First part says that bank people are nervous as computer systems are not working. Second part says that queues get thinner. It means problem mentioned in first part gets rectified and effect of it is seen in second part.

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