Banking Awareness Quiz for NIACL AO MAINS|22nd JANUARY 2019

Banking Awareness Quiz for NIACL AO MAINS

Improve your Banking with Banking quiz. Banking Quiz to help you improve your score for exams like Bank, SSC, Railway, UPSC, UPSSSC, CDS, UPTET, KVS, DSSSB and other Government exams.

Q1. What is the term for a bank without any branch network that offers its services remotely?

(a) Internet only Banks

(b) Direct Bank

(c) Lending Institution

(d) Indirect Bank

(e) Online Bank

Q2. As per the amendment, the pecuniary jurisdiction of the Banking Ombudsman to pass an award has been doubled to _____ rupees.

(a) 20 lakh rupees

(b) 10 lakh rupees

(c) 25 lakh rupees

(d) 50 lakh rupees

(e) 5 lakh rupees

Q3. Capital markets regulator SEBI has relaxed takeover norms for the acquisition of stressed assets of listed companies to help the government and the RBI in their efforts to tackle bad loans. What is the meaning of “B” in SEBI?

(a) Base

(b) Business

(c) Broker

(d) Bank

(e) Board

Q4. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has approved USD 150 million equity investment loan to the India Infrastructure Fund. It is the bank’s first such loan to fund private projects. AIIB based in-? 

(a) France

(b) Australia

(c) China

(d) Germany

(e) USA

Q5. Which of the following is the negotiable instrument?

(a) Fixed Deposit of a Bank

(b) Share certificate issued by a PSU

(c) Demand Draft issued by a bank

(d) Debenture of a company

(e) Airway Receipt

Q6. The origin of the State Bank of India goes back to the first decade of the nineteenth century with the establishment of the Bank of Calcutta in Calcutta on

(a) 05th October 1956

(b) 05th July 1859

(c) 07th August 1884

(d) 02st April 1921

(e) 02nd June 1806

Q7. The Bank of Bombay (15 April 1840) and the Bank of Madras (1 July 1843) followed the Bank of Bengal. These three banks remained at the apex of modern banking in India till their amalgamation as the Imperial Bank of India on 27 January-

(a) 1961

(b) 1956

(c) 1949

(d) 1921

(e) 1934

Q8. With the merger in April 2017, State Bank of India has entered the league of ‘Top 50 Global Banks’ with a balance sheet size of-

(a) Rs. 54 trillion

(b) Rs. 32 trillion

(c) Rs. 41 trillion

(d) Rs. 67 trillion

(e) Rs. 52 trillion

Q9. SBI was earlier placed at 54th rank globally but after the merging it moved to _______ position making it in the top 50 leading banks globally.

(a) 42nd

(b) 44th

(c) 47th

(d) 51st

(e) 40th

Q10. What is the tagline of State Bank of India (SBI) after the merger?

(a) Banker to every Indian

(b) The Name you can Bank Upon

(c) A Faithful & Friendly Financial Partner

(d) Experience Next Generation Banking

(e) A Tradition of Trust












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