English Quiz for RBI Assistant Mains |4th August English Quiz

English Quiz for RBI Assistant Main:29th May

Improve your English with English quiz. English Quiz to help you improve your score for exams like Bank, SSC, Railway, UPSC, UPSSSC, CDS, UPTET, KVS, DSSSB and other Government exams.

Directions (1-10) : In each of these questions, there are two blanks indicating that something has been omitted. There are five alternatives given. Choose the one that best fits the meaning of the sentence or sentences as a whole.

Q1. ………………… your colleagues for important decision making activities ensure their …………….. co-operation.

(a) Counselling, whole hearted

(b) Helping, occasional

(c) Guiding, meagre

(d) Neglecting, enthusiastic

(e) Dominating, unstinted

Answer & Explanation
Ans. 1.(a)

Exp.  Counselling – the provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems.

Q2. People who have been through difficult, painful and not very ……………… change often end up ……………… both pessimistic and angry conclusions.

(a) successful, drawing

(b) meaningful, projections

(c) reliable, evolving

(d) strong, following

(e) challenging, worrying

Answer & Explanation
Ans.2. (a)

Exp.  Successful – accomplishing a desired aim or result.

Q3. People who are  ……………………  can ……………….  their things in an orderly manner.

(a) upright, keep

(b) thrifty, perform

(c) punctual, manage

(d) indecisive, do

(c) dependable, accumulate

Answer & Explanation
Ans.3. (c)

Exp.  Punctual – happening or doing something at the agreed or proper time. Manage – be in charge of (a business, organization, or undertaking); run.

Q4. It is the …………………. of selfishness for men who fully ……………… in their own case the great advantages of good education to deny these advantages to women.

(a) parody, demand

(b) height, appreciate

(c) height, assimilate

(d) degree, appreciate

(e) level, advance

Answer & Explanation
Ans.4. (b)

Exp. Appreciate – understand (a situation) fully; grasp the full implications of.

Q5. All the performances of human art, at which we look with praise or wonder, are ………………. of the restless ……………………. of perseverance.

(a) manifestations, pronouncement

(b) projections, component

(c) instances, force

(d) proofs, humanity

(e) visions, future

Answer & Explanation
Ans.5. (c)

Exp. Instances – an example or single occurrence of something. Force – make (someone) do something against their will.

Q6.  Because the __________ leading to cancellation of flight were murky, the Minister appointed a Commission to ________ and report the matter.

(a) staff members, undertake

(b) decisions, decide

(c) facts, underplay

(d) events, camouflage

(e) circumstances, investigate

Answer & Explanation
Ans.6. (e)

Exp. Circumstances – a fact or condition connected with or relevant to an event or action; Investigate – carry out a systematic or formal inquiry to discover and examine the facts of (an incident, allegation, etc.) so as to establish the truth.

Q7.  The ________ reforms that are taking place in the global economic scenario are _________ as they are full of optimism.

(a) exorbitant, unnecessary

(b) colossal, unfavourable

(c) drastic, disappoint

(d) sweeping, unrealistic

(e) positive, heartening

Answer & Explanation
Ans. 7.(e)

Exp. Positive – consisting in or characterized by the presence rather than the absence of distinguishing features; Heartening – make more cheerful or confident.

Q8.  The Iron and Steel factory workers were not _______ with their low wages and the nonpayment of wages for last three months ________ fuel to the flames.

(a) good, put

(b) satisfied, added

(c) joyful, poured

(d) pleased, sprinkled

(e) unhappy, meant

Answer & Explanation
Ans.8. (b)

Exp. Satisfied – contented; pleased.

Q9.  If ___________ are to prove fruitful, there must not only be sincerity on each side, but there must also be __________ in the sincerity of the other side.

(a) bargains, truth

(b) quarrels, substance

(c) treaties, belief

(d) negotiations, faith

(e) amalgamations, trust

Answer & Explanation
Ans.9. (d)

Exp. Negotiations – discussion aimed at reaching an agreement. Faith – complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

Q10.  The _________ on some of the towns has created _________ among the residence of the other part of the country.

(a) attack, ambition

(b) raid, awareness

(c) bombardment, panic

(d) spell, satisfaction

(e) shower, dampness

Answer & Explanation
Ans.10. (c)

Exp. Bombardment – a continuous attack with bombs, shells, or other missiles.  Panic – sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety, often causing wildly unthinking behaviour.

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