English Quiz Mix 3rd september 2018

Directions (1-4): In the following paragraph, a part of sentences is filled with number and a word. Beneath paragraph, five different ways of phrasing the numbered part are indicated. Choose the best alternative, if a given word is proper mark the answer as No correction required.

Buddhism as a religion and a way of life places an importance on maintaining the …1… of the creations and all natural elements. …2… of the creations is seen as an act of the Evil spirit and man is …3… in the sacred texts not to pollute or…4… the creations of the sky, water, earth, plant, animal, man and fire.

Question 1:

A) Saintliness

B) Sacredness

C) Religiousness

D) Blasphemy

E) Profundity

Question 2:

A) Adulteration

B) Sanctifying

C) Pollution

D) Inviolability

E) Disregarding

Question 3:

A) beseeched

B) Exhorted

C) Pleaded

D) Extorted

E) Enjoined

Question 4:

A) Defile

B) Corrupt

C) Abandon

D) Purify

E) Defame

Direction (5-6): Directions: In the following questions, some part of the sentence is underlined. From the given below option choose the sentence that should replace the part underlined to make the sentence grammatically correct. If the sentence is correct as it is given then choose option E ‘No Correction required’ as the answer.

Question 5:

As former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan had pointed out, a government- owned bad bank Could Still facing scrutiny from the Comptroller and Auditor General and the Central Vigilance Commissioner.

A) has pointed out, a government- owned bad bank Could Still face scrutiny from the

B) has pointed out, a government- owned bad bank should Still face scrutiny by the

C) had pointed out, a government- owned bad bank Could Still facing scrutiny from the

D) had pointed out, a government- owned bad bank could Still face scrutiny with the

E) had pointed out, a government-owned bad bank could still face scrutiny from the

Question 6:

Not only people are upgrading to big bikes, but the youth of today is willing to move straight to premium and high-performance bikes due to easy access of finance.

A) For people who are upgrading to big bikes, and the youth of today is willing to

B) Not only people are upgrading to big bikes, also the youth of today is willing for

C) For people who are upgrading to big bikes, but the youth of today is willing to

D) Not only people are upgrading to big bikes, but the youth of today are willing to

E) No Correction required

Question 7:

The responsible citizens should dedicate themselves to the service of the nation, eschewing

all narrowness and __________.

____________ occurs when a person from a certain country X expects people in other countries to accept and follow patterns of behaviour common in the country X.

A) Misogyny

B) Treachery

C) Dogmatism

D) Xenophobia

E) Parochialism

Question 8:

People belonging to all sections of the society were ____________ by unprecedented increase in taxes.

You should have spoken a little softer to him because the poor little boy now thinks that we’re ____________ by his behaviour and that we will send him away to the hostel.

A) Intimidated

B) Riled

C) Burdened

D) Prorogued

E) Disillusioned

Question 9:

The ……………… logic of reforms was undoubtedly to ……………. A change in the political control of public services.

A) easy, affect

B) permissive, prevent

C) usual, supply

D) overall, effect

E) arguable, perceive

Direction 10: Choose the word which is most Opposite in meaning of the word.


A) intermittent

B) discouraged

C) habitual

D) defeated

E) restrained


  1. Ans: B


 Here given culture of focussing on leading the life in a way with purity which matches word with sacredness means- purity

2. Ans: C


As an act of evil spirit- Pollution or damaging the creation is an act created by manmade.

3. Ans: E

Explanation: As Man in the sacred text books has been awarded or commanded to get rid of all evil spirits so enjoined is the more appropriate word here. There is no plea or threat has been discussed so other options are wrong.

4. Ans: A


It is talking about the creations, So attempt to finish the creation is termed as Defile. Defile is used when there is complete destruction while other words like corrupt, abandon, defame may be used to stop the process.

5. Ans: E


Lines started with “As former” which signifies that the sentence is in past tense. So Option A and B are incorrect. Scrutiny is an action (Verb) taken by the subject (CAG), so it must be – “From not With”. Option D stands incorrect.

6. Ans: E


Given sentence is a connecting and consecutive sentence which cannot be represented by use of “for…………………., and/also…………”. Option A, C are not correct. “Willing to move” is correct sentence as compared to “willing for move”. Option B is incorrect.- Sentence formation faulty.

Youth is a community and for Community “ is needs” to be used in place of “are”. Option D is   Incorrect.

7. Ans: E


The require word is related to “expecting people from other culture to follow one’s own culture.Thus the option is answer 5, “parochialism”, which means “provincialism” or “narrow-mindedness”.

8. Ans: B


The clues in sentences indicate that the required word is related to “angered” or

“upset”. Thus, the answer is B, “riled”, which means “aroused to impatience or anger”.

9. Ans: D


Thought all the adjectives collocate with ‘logic’, only one word suitably fills the blank. The situation pair of words is option 4 ‘overall and effect’. The meaning of ‘effect’ is ‘to bring about’

10. Ans: B

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