Filler English Quiz for SBI PO PRE 2019|Day-2 | 2nd February 2019

Filler English Quiz for SBI PO PRE 2019

Improve your English with English quiz. English Quiz to help you improve your score for exams like Bank, SSC, Railway, UPSC, UPSSSC, CDS, UPTET, KVS, DSSSB and other Government exams.

Directions (1-5): Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.


Q1. As the boat ______, all those on board fortunately managed to reach the bank of the river ______ with the help of the life boats.

(a) capasized, drowned

(b) fell, harmlessly          

(c) dropped, uninjured 

(d) deceased, unhurt     

(e) sank, safely 

Q2. Ashima ______ her team with a log of skill and the ____ increase in the sales by the team is a measure of her success.(a) dominates, poor       

(b) condemns, sudden  

(c) manages, significant

(d) directs, worthless     

(e) overpowers, exceptional       

Q3. On being asked for the passport, he _____ to his dismay that he had _____ to bring it along with him to the airport.

(a) shocked, failed          

(b) realized, forgotten   

(c) pleaded, neglected  

(d) understood, lost       

(e) recognized, missed                  

Q4. Helen quickly _____ the career ladder and is now the ____ managing director, the company has ever appointed.

(a) jumped, shortest      

(b) entered, oldest         

(c) started, junior most 

(d) climbed, youngest   

(e) ascended, inexperienced                      

Q5. A famous economist says that the government should do more to _____ jobs in the area in order to curb the _____ rate of unemployment.

(a) create, rising               

(b) need, increasing       

(c) employ, high

(d) invent, growing         

(e) generate, slowing    

Directions (6-10): The Following questions have a blank, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of word for each blank that best fits to the meaning of the sentence as a whole. 

Q6. The internet is a medium where users have nearly ………………. choices and ……………….. constraints about where to go; and what to do.

(a)  unbalanced, non-existent

(b)  embarrassing, no

(c)  unlimited, minimal

(d)  choking, shocking

(e)  maximum, minimum

Q7. Physicians may soon have……………….. to help paralysed people move their limbs by bypassing the ……………… nerves that once controlled their muscles.

(a) instruments, detrimental

(b) ways, damaged

(c) reason, involuntary

(d) impediments, complex

(e)  methods, harmful

Q8. As a steadfast …………………. of our right to liberty time, Mishra had few …………………….

(a) defender, equals.

(b) opponent, enemies

(c) follower, enemies

(d) advocate, defenders

(e) leader, unequals

Q9. The newspaper accused the politician of ……………. for making promises he knew he could not …………………….

(a) revulsion, condone

(b) liability, improve

(c) impunity, reprise

(d) hypocrisy, fulfill

(e) forgery, overcome

Q10. The chief minister was ………………… his commitment to ………………… the rise of crime and unemployment among his constituents.

(a) uncertain, staunch

(b) headstrong, stem

(c) faltering, identity

(d) firm, uphold

(e) sturdy, counter



Exp.  ‘sank, safely’ is the correct use.


Exp.  ‘manages, significant’ is the correct use where ‘significant’ means sufficiently great or important to be worthy of attention.


Exp.  ‘realized, forgotten’ is the correct use.


Exp.  ‘climbed, youngest’ is the correct use.


Exp.  ‘create, rising’ is the correct use.


Exp. Minimal means a minimum amount, quantity, or degree; negligible.


Exp. “Ways and damaged” is the correct choice.

Ans. 8.(a)

Exp. Defender means a person who defends someone or something.

Ans. 9.(d)

Exp. Hypocrisy means the practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case.

Ans.10. (b)

Exp. Headstrong means energetically wilful and determined and stem means the main body or stalk of a plant or shrub, typically rising above ground but occasionally subterranean.

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