Full List Of Joint Military Exercises India with different countries

Full List Of Joint Military Exercises India with different countries

India is playing a tremendous interest for setting up a relationship with different nations around the world.  Joining of the military exercises is an unavoidable commitment for the contemporary battle zone. The joint military is basic for the participation of nations separated from monetary collaboration and the predominant difficult circumstance.

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The Indian military exercises can be segregated into 3 categories:

  1. Domestic exercise
  2. Bilateral Exercise
  3. Multilateral exercise

♦Domestic exercise 

Domestic Exercises can be inter-services (between two administrations) or intra-services (within one administration) relying upon the nature and its application. The point of this activity is to improve inner engagements.

List of military domestic exercises

  1. Gandiv Vijay
  2. Paschim Lehar
  3. Vayu Shakti
  4. Vijay Prahar
  5. Shatrujeet
  6. Megh Prahar
  7. ‘Chang Thang’
  8. “Him Vijay”
  9. Sudarshan Chakra Vahini exercise
  10. ‘Sindhu Sudarshan’
  11. ‘Exercise AMPHEX

♦Bilateral exercise 

These exercises are conducted between two countries.

List of few bilateral exercises conducted by the military are given below:

Bilateral exercise Participating countries
‘Zayed Talwar 2021’ India and UAE (Navy)
Sampriti India and Bangladesh
Harimau Shakti India and Malaysia
Ekuverin India and Maldives

Exercise SHAKTI

Ex Desert Knight-21

India and France
Red Flag

Sangam (Navy)

TARKASH (National Security Guard (NSG) and the US Special Operations Force (SOF)).

India and US
Al Nagah India and Oman
‘Naseem-Al-Bahr’ India and Oman (Navy)
Bold Kurukshetra India and Singapore
Hand in Hand India and China
Ekuverin India and Maldives
Garuda Shakti India and Indonesia
Indra India and Russia
Khanjar India and Kyrgyzstan
Lamitye India and Seychelles
Maitree, CORPAT India and Thailand
Mitra Shakti India and Sri Lanka
Multi-national FTX ASEAN plus
Nomadic Elephant India and Mongolia
Prabal Dostyk India and Kazakhstan
Sampriti India and Bangladesh
Surya Kiran India and Nepal
Ajeya Warrior India and UK
Indradhanush India and UK (Airforce)
‘Sahyog Kaijin’ India and Japan
“Mainamati Maitree Exercise Border Security Force (BSF) and Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB)

Passage Exercise #PASSEX

Indo-Vietnam (Navy)

SIMBEX (Navel)

India- Singapore
Al-Mohed Al-Hindi Indian Navy & Saudi Arabia Navy
SITMEX India- Singapore-Thailand (Navel)
“Tiger Triumph” India and US
SLINEX India and Srilanka(SL)
KAZIND India and Kazakhstan
Dharma Guardian India and Japan
Shinyuu Maitri’ India and Japan (Airforce)
Exercise JIMEX Indian and Japanese (navies)
Dustlik India-Uzbekistan
  • Samudra Shakti
  • “PASSEX”
Indian Navy-Indonesian Navy bilateral
  • Yudh Abhyas
  • Vajra Prahar
India and United States



India, Australian and United States (Navy)


India and Australia Army


♦Multilateral exercise 

These exercises are conducted by the military including more than one partner nations.

List of major multilateral exercises conducted by the military are given below:

Multilateral exercise No of Participating countries
COBRA-GOLD Asia – Pacific countries
BIMSTEC Disaster Management Exercise India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Myanmar
‘Milan  The Naval Exercise ‘MILAN 2020’ is scheduled to be held at Visakhapatnam in March 2020 in which 41 countries have been invited.


Between the Indian Army and 16 African nations
Samvedna South Asian Region Nations

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Q. What is Joint Military Exercise?

Ans: Several armed forces of a nation training together with armed forces of other nations are called Joint Military exercise.

Q. Why is Joint Military Exercise conducted?

Ans: The joint military exercise is conducted to enhance the level of defense cooperation between different nations’ armies which also fosters bilateral relations between the nations.

Q. Why is Joint Military Exercise important?
Ans: It trains militaries how to act, think, and work organized and together in periods of conflict. It also improves the synchronization as well as support among friendly militaries of the world.

Q. How many types of Joint Military exercises are there?
Ans: The military exercises can be categorized into 3 types; Domestic exercise, Bilateral Exercise, and Multilateral exercise.

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