GA/GK Questions Asked SSC CPO Assistant Mains 2019: (12th December- 1st shift)

Dear Students,

Today SSC Conducted SSC CPO 2019 exam all over the India. Now the SSC CPO 2019 is over and aspirants are waiting for the GA/GK Questions asked in SSC CPO exam. Candidates who have appeared in the SSC CPO Mains exam today can check the GA Questions asked in today’s exam and check there accuracy and marks secured in SSC CPO Mains GA Section.

SSC CPO 12th Dec 2019 1st shift

1)Minimum limit of RTGS

2)Minimum amount in Atal pension

3)River originates from Mahabaleshwar

4)Sarhul Festival

5)What’s Happen book writer

6) Male reproductive part of flower

7)Case will not filed against whom during tenure according to article 361

8)Prime Minister article

9) IAS IPS Article

10)Grand old man of India

11) Founder of Vakatak vans

12)Lactometer works on which principle

13) BCCI Chairman

14)No 1 wrestler in 86 kg category

15) 2nd populated state

16) Largest producer of Mica in India Andhrapradesh was not in option

17) Highest per capita income of which state

18)Least sex ratio

19) India lady golfer

20) Who was Alamgir

21)Parliament was established on


23) Leaves touches stem in which part

24)Guru mukhi lipi founder

25)No1  team in test ranking in October

26) FIFA player of the year

27) 3 Indian in times 100 most influential people

28) Guru shikhar is highest peak of

29) Youngest player to score 200 in odi

30) Who suggests President for state emergency according to article 356

31) Organ carries blood from heart to another part

32) Wright on moon

33) Maximum energy received from options are fat, carbohydrates, protein, vitamin

34) Finance commission tenure

35) India rank in economy

36) Fiji Island is situated in which ocean

37) Strongest muscle in body

38) Laughing gas

39) Digestion starts from mouth and completed in which organ

40) Governor in 1884


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