GK/GS Questions asked in SSC CGL Tier-1 Exams : 4th & 6th June 2019

GK/GS Questions asked in SSC CGL Tier-1 Exams : 

The most awaited exam of the year, SSC CGL 2018-19 Tier 1, has started from 4th June with in various shifts. and the SSC CGL Tier-1 exam already held in 6 shifts till now. so here we are come out with the memory based paper or GK/GS questions asked in ssc cgl tier-1 exam 2018-19 from 4th June and 6th June 2019. Candidate can check below the GK/GS questions asked in SSC CGL Exam. 

All GK/GS questions SSC CGL tire 1 (4  and 6 june)

1) Indian national Association Founder –Surendranath Banerjee

2) South Africa President- Cyril Ramaphosa

3) Australian Open winner name- novak djokovic

4) Capital of Kazakhstan- Nur-Sultan

5) First CJI woman- Fatima biwi

6) G20 SAUMMIT Location-Argentina

7) Olympic council of Asia- Kuwait City, Kuwait

8) which country first established GST- France

9) Largest river island – Majuli (Brahmaputra River)

10) Boxing championship gold winner at finland- Kavinder Singh Bisht 

11) Somnath temple attack ? – Mahmud of Ghazni

12) Tisco established- 1907

13) Sundari tree related question?

14) thoda sport dance related which state- Himachal

15) Credited with the discovery and identification of the electron- J. J. Thomson

16) malimath committee related- criminal justice system

17) Goa’s CM- Pramod Sawant

18) India-Indonesia Coordinated Patrol (Ind-Indo Corpat) Commences at- port Blair

19) FIRST FEMALE DGP OF POLICE- Kanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya

20) Methylphenidate related question

21) Dry Ice related question?

22) metalloids related question?

23) wadiyar dynasty located- Mysore

24) Cost of Living Survey which Orgnization- Economist Intelligence Unit

25) Founder of facebook- Mark Zuckerberg

26)Committee related to decontrol of Sungar industry?- Rangarajan Committee 

27) Number of Mahajanpada during 6 BC ? – Appox 22

28) Which of the kingdom don’t have Monrach?

29)Who is founder of Chaulakya Dynasty? – Pulakeshin -1

30) Who is the first woman Pm if the world- Srimau Bhandar Naike

31) Special Olympics 2019 were conducted ? – Abu dhabi

32) Tiger project launched?- Jim Corbett National Park, 

33) Home Registration Assessment bill in which state? –

34) Who is the first SAARC lady president – Fatima Saed

35) Aldehyde related question?

36) hormone control other horomones?

37) Which instrument user dance of Mask Dance (Sikkim)? – majestic bamboos

38) Which pass in Uttrakhand mansarowar – Lipulekh Pass

39) Residuary power were taken from which country- Canada

40) Which is first biosphere reserve established by GOI- Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

41) Ranji Trophy winner-

42) Which first computer became the technical foundation of the Internet- ARPANET

43) Chndragupta Maurya got which province in dowry?- (reign: c. 321 – c. 297 BCE

44) Which article have mention if Uniform civil code?- Article 44

45) Acid tastes Sweeter related question-

46)Delhi sultanate Time period – 1206-1526

47) Centre state relation part and article- Article 245 to 255

48) Volleyball premier League- Chennai

49) First women CJL in high court- Leila Seth

50) Nanda devi in which state- Uttarakhand

51) Mithun Breed Related which state- Arunachal Pradesh

52) Protector of body WBC(White blood cells)

53)Who was called with nickname nagercoil krishnancoil Ramki?

54)One question related to “Motion of Independent”

55) Who is the founder of Jainism-Vardhamana Jnatiputra

56) Which pass divides J&K?

57)Which article enables a citizen to take constitutional remedy?

58)Who is the first lok pal of India­- Court judge Pinaki Chandra Ghose

59)Who won a gold medal in boxing in Makran cup championship- Deepak Singh

60)First Muslim ruler who conquered almost all the India covering north to south

61)Ravindranath Tagore literature prize of 2019- Rana Dasgupta for his 2010 novel “Solo” 

62)In Gallvanisation which layer formed on iron

63) Who was the Founder of Syed dynasty- Sayyid Khizr Khan

64) Who invented electromagnetic theory?

65)No one should left behind was slogan of which day?

66)Who is the director of BARC- Ajit Kumar Mohanty

67)Who is head of Niti Ayog?

68)What is the National game of China-Table tennis

69) President rule comes under which article?- Article 356

70) Which river flows in thar desert?- Luni

71) Battle of Buxar was held between?

72) Which of the following is the Tribe of West Bengal?

73) Which is the Highest point in Andaman?-Seddle peak

74) Bandipur wildlife sanctuary is situated in?- Karnataka

75) Ottam Thulal Folk dance?- Kerala

76) A prisoner’s scrap book-  Lal Krishna Advani

77) When was Battle of Plassey held?-1757

78) Who won Abel Prize 2019?- Karen Uhlenbeck

79) Earth Day -22 april

80) What is mentioned in Article 61 of indian constitution?

81) Dhaman folk dance –Himachal pradesh

82) Mid Day Meal scheme was launched in which year?-1995

83) Who build Grant Trunk Road?- Sher shah shuri

84) Who is the brand ambassador of red bus?- MSD (Dhoni)

85) Who extended empire almost in the south?

86) Under which act has lok Adalat come into the force?

86) Jallianwala bagh novel khooni bashaki who written in english?

87) Slave of Mohammad Ghori who started the first dynasty of Delhi sultanate?

88) Indian who won the Nobel prize after mother Teresa?

89) What is the pH value of milk?

90) ISRO chairman at the time of launch of Mars Orbiter?

91) Which law ensure to move anywhere in India without restriction?

92) Longest damin India- Hirakund dam(Orissa)

93) Highest damin India- Tehri dam (Uttarakhand) 

94) Which team scored highest T20 score against Ireland in Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium?

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