GK Questions asked in RRB NTPC 2020: 1st & 2nd Shift, 8th January 2021

GK Questions asked in RRB NTPC 2020: 1st & 2nd Shift, 8th January 2021

Indian Railways conducted RRB NTPC 2020 exam today i.e. 8th January 2021, 1st & 2nd shift. here we have provided GA Questions asked in RRB NTPC Tier-1 2020 . You can check and Tally you GA Questions answer asked in RRB NTPC Tier-1, 1st and 2nd shift 8th January 2021  . Most of the aspirants attend RRB NTPC  exam today are eagerly waiting for GA Questions Asked in RRB NTPC Tier-1 1st & 2nd shift, 7th January 2021. Below You can check the GA Questions with Answer asked in RRB NTPC  2020.

RRB NTPC 8 Jan, 2021 1st Shift Questions

1.In indian flag ratio-3:2
2.Who is head of WTO-Roberto Azevêdo
3.Anshula kant cfo of world bank previous md of which bank-SBI
4.Aditya L1 mission of ISRO to study- SUN
5.Glucose breaks into pyruvic- acid
6.Hampi temple monuments in which state –Karnataka
7.Arya samaj was founded by whom-Dayananda Saraswati (1875)
8.Tamasha dance form is from which state- Maharashtra
9.Who was the Governor at the time of 1857 revolt? -Charles John Canning
10.Natya shastra was written by Bharata Muni.
11.Largest lake by volume in the world Lake- Superior
12.How acid and base uses FOOD preservative way
13.Namami gange programme launched in which year 2014
14.World bank president 2020-David malapass
15.Ceo of Confederation of Indian Industry- Uday Kotak
16.1st T20 world cup winner- Indian cricket team
17.Supreme court chief justice of India Justice-Sharad Arvind Bobde
18.“France’s highest civilian honour comes in recognition of AS Kiran
19.Www (World Wide Web) founded by -Tim Berners Lee
20.Everyone get equal job right in which article-16
21.1st passenger train in india On –16th April 1853
22.f w stevens designed Which monuments –Victoria Terminus
23.National science day-28 February
24.Sagarmatha peak in which country-Nepal
25.Split in congress 1907 In -Surat
26.River dolphin which river-Ganges
27.Virupaksha Temple refer to which god –Lord Shiva
28.INTERPOL HQ Lyon-France
29.Jonbeel mela is celebrated in which state-Assam
30.OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) hq- Vienna, Austria
31.Fortran full form in computer- Formula Translation
32.Which company helps new tree plantation Uttarakhand-Max India Foundation
33.Cache is internal memory caches which are stored directly on the processor

RRB NTPC 8 Jan, 2021 2nd Shift Questions

1.Litmus paper is made up of?
2.India’s rank in Human Development Index?-131
3.Which movement is started with non-cooperation movement?-khilafat movement 
4.Who was the guru of Gandhi ji?-Gopal Krishna Gokhale
5.Who was the father of computer?-Charles Babbage
6.Which key is used to edit in Excel?-F2
7.17th railway zone name-Kolkata Metro Railway
8.Who won ISSF 10M air rifle in 2019?-Manu Bhaker
9.Headquarter of the International Labour Organization?-Geneva, Switzerland
10.Musca domestica is the name of
11.COBOL full form- Common business-oriented language
12.BHEL full form- Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
13.The ship was launched on 12 November 2020. INS Vagir is expected to be commissioned in 2022.
14.In Jhansi Satar river dedicated to freedom fighter Chandrashekhar because he live there by change his name Pandit Harishankar Brahmachari
15.Unicef youngest ambassador- Millie Bobby Brown
16.This is the first time that an Indian student’s experiment has been carried out by NASA-Kalamsat
17.Momentum formula :p = mv
18.2019 white tiger death name– Bajirao
19.Sanjay Gandhi National Park-Maharashtra
20.2nd swachh city in 2020: Gujarat’s Surat
21.Which gas is released during photosynthesis-carbon dioxide
22.Simon commission established -November 1927
23.Fani cyclone in which state-Odisha
24.What is found in vitamin –b12 Cobalt
25.kailash satyarthi won nobel prize for which movement-Bachpan Bachao Andolan

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