How satisfied are SBI POs with their jobs?

How satisfied are SBI POs with their jobs? provide an article about the pros and cons of SBI PO job, and the details about the salary, work load, transfer policy, work timings, career prospects, work pressure etc. associated with this job.

  • SBI is a multinational public sector bank and also the largest financial company of our country. It is a very large organization and it provides best possible salary and other accommodations.
  • I  joined SBI only a few months back, so I am not sure, I am qualified enough to answer this question. But here I will try to share my experience of the last few months to help you out.
  • SBI is one of the best banks in the country, we can’t argue about that. The financial condition of the country largely depends on SBI as it is the largest financial company of our country. Working for this organization is a great opportunity as it helps its employee to grow and flourish.
  • Now every job has its own positive and negative aspects, and it depends on the person how he/ she take it. Job satisfaction varies from person to person. So I will categorize it into different aspects.

SALARY In terms of pay, SBI employees are definitely better paid than any other PSUs. Close to 50k gross The allowances are very good – 30k leased accommodation, furniture allowance, 100% medical bills, petrol, mobile bills, entertainment allowance and the list goes on and on. However, the allowances vary, depending upon the area of the postings. In terms of salary, I think it’s a win-win for all.

WORKING ENVIRONMENT & TIMINGS-The working environment is quite good. Offices, infrastructure has been good, at least in Mumbai and other Metros. Branch timings are generally of two categories: One is 9am branch and the other is 10 am branch.

Most of the branches don’t close before 7 PM. It is approximately a 12 hour job. POs have more responsibility and work load so they are the last one to go. This is not the same case for the clerks. They generally don’t have to stay late.

WORK PRESSURE- It mainly depends on the person that how they will be able to handle the pressure, rude behavior and harsh words from customers, loads of work assignments etc. In my opinion the pressure is tremendous. While it is relatively less during probation, but once you get confirmed, pressure will increase many times.

CAREER PROSPECTS- Given the career prospects and growth, it is one of the best jobs available. If you have potential and you are a hard worker “sky is the limit”. For starters, one can become a branch manager after 2 years of service. You need to just complete your assignments, pass the exams and no one can stop you from climbing the ladder. If you are extremely talented you could even land yourself a foreign posting as well.

FAMILY LIFE- You will have hardly any personal life left. It will be always work, work and work. Months will pass without meeting your family. Since I have joined, it’s been months and I haven’t seen my family. As I am very close to my family and I have chose family over anything, it is really hard for me.

TRANSFER POLICY- The only downside about this job is the transfer policy. It is frequent and it is very difficult for someone to move from one place to another with all their belongings. But again it varies from person to person. If a person loves to travel, wants to see new places, make new friends, all of this without spending a single penny..!! Then you are at the right place. But if you are the opposite and wants to stay close to your family, then you will endure a pretty tough time, as you will be transferred frequently during probation 2–3 times. Once you get confirmed you will be transferred every 2–3 years.

My take on how satisfied I am with this job is, if I will be true to myself, I am still not pretty sure. I miss my friends and family. But I think nothing can be achieved without giving something in return, even if it is being apart from your loved ones. Success doesn’t come without hard work.


If money matters in your life, SBI PO is the best choice. But if you want peace and relaxation even if the salary is less then this is not your kind of job.

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