How to Prepare for Government job exams: Bank, SSC, Railway and other State level exam

How to Prepare for Government job exams?

Every year Million of students join the of being an aspirant for Government Jobs in India. Despite excellent career and growth opportunities offered by private sector, govt jobs still remains one of the most preferred career choice for the youth of India. The reasons behind such bias in favour of governmentjobs can vary from job satisfaction, status and power to job security. Nowadays, majority of Govt jobs are offered through open competitive examination based recruitment system and 80% competitive examination based on Online test.

Important Tips to start prepare for Govt Job Exams

♦Decide which position within the government sector they are aiming for

Right from the beginning of the preparation phase, the candidate must decide which position within the government sector they are aiming for. This in-turn will help the candidate identify the exact selection procedure and understand all the steps involved in it.  Its a need of an hour for your career to find your strengths and work on weakness part. One of the biggest and most important part of life is to analyse yourself. Every individual is having his\her unique capability. So never get dishearten and give full-hearted efforts at your strength.

♦ You must never judge fish’s capability by assigning her task to climb a tree

Let’s go through with an analysis by our expert team. If a candidate is not having interest in remembering dates/names/geographic co-ordinates and doesn’t want to mug up things in History/Geography, you must not get aspired in cracking exams like SSC, UPSC etc. just by seeing others. In similar fashion, if you are not good in English you must prepare well for NTPC or RRB exams etc. In short, gather your own information and plan like that.

Get the detailed syllabus and the correct study material for the exams that you need to prepare

Syllabus also helps them to evaluate the kind and type of questions that can be asked in the examination and be prepared for them. Try to solve the previous year question papers and have an idea about the previous year analysis of the exam you are preparing for.

One of the most asked questions is “what books/PDF should be used for preparing for Bank Exam, SSC and NTPC ETC”. The answer to this lies in the fact that there are certain books/PDF that can give you an edge over your competitors if you follow them religiously. There are plenty of preparation PDF available in the, but you should only Download those which can be relied upon.

♦Make a plan and schedule for studies. Work hard. Keep doing mock tests (

There are certain obvious things that a preparation strategy should cover like designing a goal based timeline covering entire syllabus, focusing on weaker areas more or devoting more time to tackle tricky topics as well as regular revision and mock tests ( to actually evaluate your performance. We had the perception that if we study for atleast 8 or 10 hours, then only it will be calculated as a form of study.

Practice mock tests daily ( One thing that will definitely help you in the exam in solving the mock papers/test series. You should solve at least one test series daily to keep a check on your performance. With the help of mock tests, you will also get to know the weak points where you need improvement.

♦ Read English newspaper to improve your GK/GA and English

(Likes Daily Current Affairsand The Hindu Editorial VOCAB): To improve your English vocabulary and General knowledge, you should make a habit of reading the English newspaper. This will also benefit you in the Interview round.

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Time management and Daily Routine

Time Management of your study plan is very important. Time management strategy is also required in taking exams and which section should be given how much time slot. These things are important to prepare for the exams and crack it with the better score.

♦ Preparing an Goal Based Timeline 

Just like any other examination, govt job exams also leave very little preparation time between issuance of notification and the actual examination. To deal with this challenge, the candidate needs to devise a goal based time line. In simple terms it means, allotting time for preparation of certain topics or aspects and executing it. This facilitates in overall time management and aids in keeping track of the number of topics that have been completed or are pending. In case the candidate needs to devote more time to a particular topic the same can be managed by curtailing preparation time for easier topics. Goal based timeline also acts as a motivating factor, whereby the candidate feels confident as and when they complete the respective topic within the specified time frame.

♦ Not depend on one Strategy

There is a very famous saying by a great leader – If Plan “A’ is not working well, there are another 25 letters still in English alphabet.

Stick to this quote. Change your strategy for better improvement, if your earlier strategy is not hitting well.  All the best and pull up your socks to start your run for career.

Never go in Exam with pre-determined Mode

Never go in exam with pre-determined mode. As cricketing seasons were high on air thus try to understand with similar type of example.  Exams now-a-days are very dynamic, you can ‘t predict and thus candidates should never go with pre-determined shots selection. Make a Plan, not fix a plan. If you have already decided that 20 questions in quantitative are must for cracking the exams, there is possibility this time only 10-12 correct solution will able to let candidates cross the hurdle. So, don’t stick with your plan, it will definitely lead your time wastage. Try to take the exam as an extempore.

♦ Motivate yourself

There will be times when you’ll fell confused and won’t know whether to keep on preparing for the exam or not. But those are the times where your perseverance and patience will be tested. You should motivate yourself by reading the success story of those who have qualified the exam previous year and learn from their hardships and hurdles.

Finally if you want to clear exam then don’t give up in middle of the exam.

A whole gist of full narration is that, GO Ahead for exams with calm attitude, never get panicked.

All the best for your future

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