IDBI Assistant Manager Salary, Job Profile, Career Growth

IDBI Assistant Manager Salary, Job Profile, Career Growth

Many candidates are asking questions regarding the Salary, job profile and Career Growth of an Assistant Manager in IDBI Bank. In this article, we will are providing you a detailed analysis about the job Profile, salary structure and career growth of a person after being selected in IDBI Bank as an Assistant Manager.


IDBI Assistant Managers are offered Rs 14,400/- per month as basic pay. The salary in IDBI is considered as one among the best. Also, these pay scales are under constant revision to meet the inflationary pressures. The detailed salary structure is as follow:

Basic Salary




NPS Basic Bank





Grade Allowances



Mobile bill


43553 before deduction in semi-urban areas.


(1440 + 1704)*2 = 6288 (in NPS)
IDBI Bank in-Hand Salary

Rs. 37265/- (Rural + Semi-urban)


  • Accommodation Allowance: This facility is available in place of HRA. Banks also provide the Official Accommodation/Bank Quarter as a leased accommodation.
  • Medical Aid: A fixed annual amount is paid by most of the banks to meet the medical expenses.
  • Travelling Allowance (TA): Bank provide fixed Traveling Allowance.
  • Newspaper Reimbursement: A fixed amount is paid towards the cost of one newspaper on a monthly basis.

Career Growth

Assistant Manager

Manager (Grade B), 

Assistant General Manager (Grade C), 

Assistant General Manager (Grade C), 

Deputy General Manager (Grade D), 

General Manager (Grade E)

Depending on track record and sufficient experience in the bank, one will be eligible for the prestigious Executive Director position before retirement.

Job Profile

  • Multi-tasker: Assistant Manager work includes all managerial tasks, such as supervision of clerical work, making decisions for the benefit of the bank, managing cash balance, etc.
  • Customer services: An Officer in the bank is to handle customers and provide a solution to their queries. It can be related to any of banking service like document requirement, account statement, issuing cheque books, ATM cards, and opening new accounts, etc.
  • Handling clerical jobs: All the clerical work is done under the supervision of Assistant Manager. They also manage all types of deposits and withdrawal of cash. 
  • Creating Business Includes activities like promoting banking products, New Account opening, selling Insurance, etc. Promoting various products and services of the bank and its partners such as fixed deposits, mutual funds, insurance policies, etc.
  • ATM Related SolutionsQueries like LOST ATM Application, block ATM card online, New ATM request, ATM pin no. the request and other similar issues are also sometimes resolved by the Assistant Manager.
  • Branch-specific roles: The role of an Assistant Manager totally depends on the scale of the branch operations. In a small branch, the Assistant Manager has to deal with the various range of tasks like cash, operations, sales, etc whereas in bigger branches they have different specific roles.
  • Financial Tasks: The major tasks include disbursing loans, interacting with customers to know their credit requirements, recovery of loans from defaulters and submitting reports to higher officials on the progress made.
  • One stop Solution: An Assistant Manager is considered as the face of the branch. He/she is the one stop solution to all the queries of junior employees and customers. The job gives him/her ample opportunities to play a meaningful and prestigious role in society.

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