India is going to hold G-20 meeting in 2023

India is going to hold G-20 meeting in 2023

The presidency of the G20 meeting in the next year will be headed by India. The date of commencing is 1st December 2022 and meetings will continue till 30th November 2023. There are around 200 meetings which will be held across the country and these all meetings will be hosted by India.

In this article we are going to discuss the details of the G20 meeting.

Some insights:

This is a great opportunity for India to showcase its ability to hold such meetings in the country and highlight some important issues during these meetings. The summit of the G20 leaders is scheduled to be held on 9th and 10th September 2023 that will be held in New Delhi. It is decided to invite some other countries as guest countries and the names of these countries are Bangladesh, Egypt, Mauritius, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Singapore, Oman, Spain and the UAE. 

India is currently a partner of Troika ( a group formed by the past , present and future presidency of G20 meetings). It consists of Indonesia, Italy and India. The upcoming troika would comprise India, Indonesia and Brazil. 

Important Facts:

This is the first time when this type of a special group is formed to introduce the countries ,which was or is going to be the presidency of the G20 meeting, in a specific manner. This group gives these countries a voice and strengthens the power of these hosting countries.

There is another thing which makes this presidency more important is that this is the first time when some developing countries and emerging economies have rights to hold the G20 meeting. This is the best opportunity for India and upcoming host countries to harness this power.

Other aspects:

There are several important ongoing issues that will be highlighted in these upcoming meetings of G20. These issues include women empowerment, agriculture, health, digital public infrastructure, education, tourism, culture, circular economy, climate funding, energy security, green hydrogen, food shortages and security, disaster risk reduction, multilateral reforms, fight against economic crisis and other important issues that need to be addressed.

The ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine is a major challenge for the upcoming presidency of G20. The war between Ukraine and Russia has made Russia boycotted by many developed and industrial countries. The member nations of G20 comprise 85 percent of World’s GDP and 75 percent of global trade. 


This will be the welcoming step for India to take the presidency of G20 meeting and get an opportunity to empower its position among other countries and grab a situational opportunity to highlight some major issues in the upcoming meetings of G20. 

Questions And Answers:

Q1. Who is going to hold the G20 meeting?

Ans. India

Q2. India will hold the G20 meeting in which year?

Ans. 2023

Q3. Which nations are in Troika?

Ans. Indonesia ,Italy and India.

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