Indian Army Conducted an Exercise Named “Skylight”

Indian Army Conducted an Exercise Named “Skylight”

Recently the Indian Army has conducted a pan India exercise named “skylight” on the northern border with China to test the satellite based system and its effectiveness to show the country’s neighbour its power. The ongoing obscure dispute amid borders with China is spreading and the time has come when it becomes necessary to present our country’s strength especially in the field of satellite based system and communication assets. 

Speciality of this exercise:

This exercise has included the activation of the country’s satellite communications equipment which are spread from Ladakh to Andaman and Nicobar Islands by the Indian Army. In this exercise the Indian Army has tested readiness and robustness of the various technical scenarios and also tested their operational power. It has also verified the disruption of connectivity in the case of any conflict between these two countries or another war like situation. 


Indian Space Research Organization and other space agencies also participated in this exercise with the Indian Army. The spreading serious concern of border dispute on the northern border is the centre of attention in this exercise. 

We are all witnesses of the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia and the uses of space technology and satellite communications which have been used in the war. In this exercise this issue has been studied and talked about the solutions and improvement in this field.

Other aspects:

In March, the Indian Army’s first satellite named GSAT 7B was launched. The cost of this mission was 4635 crore. It is the indigenous multiband satellite. It provides high security features. With the evaluation in space technology the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy also have their GSAT- 7 series satellites and are empowering their position among other countries military powers. 


This exercise will be proved as a boost of confidence in our country’s military power. Where China remains at the top position in the field of space technology which is used in warlike situations, India is also doing great in space technology. 

It is the time to get support from private companies and startups to evaluate new disruptive and innovative space technology and invigorate our space power. 

Questions And Answers:

Q1. What is the name of the exercise?

Ans. Skylight.

Q2. Who has conducted this exercise?

Ans. The Indian Army.

Q3. What is the purpose of this exercise?

Ans. To test satellite based systems and communication assets.

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