Interview Experiences covering by Aspirants appeared in IBPS PO

Interview Experiences covering by Aspirants appeared in IBPS PO

Dear Bankers,

As we all know that the IBPS start Conducting IBPS PO  Interview across pan India and we happy to tell you that AB Team again rocks Maximum Questions were Asked from suggested Topics. Here we came-out with some of Interview experiences direct from the candidates asked in today’s IBPS PO Interview held in different cities.

Jaipur (30th January 2020)

1) Intro

2) aap bio se hain to fr banking q ?

3) 2 bio se related questions… Bio waste management and medical bio waste management?

4) Aim of bank

5) Agr bank open krna h to aap kaha kroge.. Urban rural Semi-urban.. Unko rank krna tha

6) what is Direct amount transfer ?

7)About  mgnrega?

7) What is Ayushman bharat?

8) Abhi recently kya step liye h govt ne economic k liye?

9) 2 Question Family Related

Panel 1 IOB central office, Chennai (30th January 2020)

4 male & 1 female panelist

1)Introduce yourself, I gave them clue that economy is my favorite subject

2)Current state of Indian Economy

3)How you say Indian economy growth is low and in the verge of stagflation

4)Where it started

5)You are saying demonstration and NBFC crisis are the only reason

6)Banks role in Indian economy

7)Banks gave loans then why Indian economy is low

8)Why unemployment

9)Then when economy is called recession and when stagflation

10)Nobel laureate in Economy

11) Amartya sen & welfare economics asked

12)Do you think welfare economics is possible in India

13)IMF chief name asked and Indian economist in IMF asked

14)Tell me about Davos

15)What WEF advised on Indian economy

16)What is CAA?

17)What is under employment

18)With 70% disability, how you could contribute to bank

Panel no.3 30th Jan 8.30 (30th January 2020)

5 male


2)Which year u pass out ?

3)What r u doing in this 1 year ?

4) 2 Questions  related to engg… background

5) 1 Question related to ur hobbies

6) Question on current topic collora virus

7) What r the major problem of bank loss

8) Do u crack any exam ?

9) Question on ur documents like sem subject n others

10) How NPA recovery tools n on that cross question

11)Why don’t u try for other government  job

12) Why bank ?

Panel was very friendly

My Overall interview was average

Maharashtra My question of panel no.5 (30th January 2020)

1)introduce yourself

2) Explain Gap after graduation

3) Question related to university

4) Function of RBI

5) Types of account

6) Credit and debit card

7) Question related to hobby

8) Farmers related question

30-01-2020 1 pm, Panel 1

Duration- 8min

1)Where u come from ?

2)How u came ?

3)Where you stayed ?

4)Family background

5)How do you prepare 4 this exam ?

6)How your graduation will benefit in banking ?

7)Views on merger

8)MPC ?

9)Stagflation ?

10)Core banking ?

Interview (30/1/2020)


2)Family background

3) Why banking after engineering

4) Crops

5) About our shop

6) About CDS

7) How Rural economy

8) Sbi first Lady chairman

9) Rbi function

10) Why Rbi is bankers bank

11) About Npa

12) Problem facing by bank

13) How will u improve the bank business

14) What is banking ombudsman

Bank of India Noida (30/1/2020)

Panel – 5

Duration – 10 mins

1)Strength and weakness

2)Why banking

3)Economic slowdown

4) Fundamentals of economics (because i mentioned that)

5) Examples of NPA

6) What modi govt did to revive banking sector

7) Newspaper pdhte ho

Chennai 30/1/2020

1)Explain what happens after npa …?


3)JNU in news?

4) PMC bank crisis explain it ?

5) Why u din choose pnb bank ?

6) Why it defaulted??

7) Corona virus?

8) RBI 20th governor ??

9) RBI functions?

10) Nationalized banks recently??

11) Chennai famous for??

12) In Chennai where you stay?? what special ??

13) Balance of payment ??

Lucknow 30/1/2020

1)Difference between Viva and Interview?

2) What if SLR is increased by RBI?

3) When CRR is increased by RBI?

4) Bank Rate,Repo Rate lending period

5) Meaning of your Name

6) Problems in Corporate Sector

7) Stagflation and its effects

8) Ready to serve PAN India?


1)Govt schemes for rural areas

2)Republic day – 2qusns..chief guest and national war memorial

3)Job profile of PO

4)Delhi CM LG

5)Ek question educational background se(what is smart card)

6) Difference between: Monetary policy/ credit policy

7)Introduce yourself’

Venue : Bank of Maharashtra, Pune, Panel 4, 8.30am

Me : Good morning all.
M3 : what is your education background?
Ecplained it well.
M3 : what do your parents do?
M3 : where have you worked? Why did you quit your job?
Told them about the positives of Banking industry and by mistake told them about negatives of IT industry to which they got the chance to grill me. Like risk is here also.
M3 : what will you do if there is a deficit of 5000 at the end of the day in your cash tally?
Stuck initially but explained.
M2 : what is the role of PO?
M1 : what are payment banks?
(meanwhile M5 was watching some videos on his phone with full volume)
M4 : you have worked in Banglore, it is called the twin city. Which is its twin.
Sorry sir I don’t know.
M4 : why is the temperature of bangalore low as compared to its surroundings.
Told them because of hilly areas.
M5 : what is field theory?
Told them that it’s related to electrostatics and not able to recall it properly now.
M3 : okay you can leave now, all the best.


Carbon emissions
What is money market
Commercial paper
Certificate of deposit
Rbi priority sector norms
What is renewable energy
What is startup
If u will become then on what basis u will loan to new startups..

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