Mensuration Quiz for IBPS, SBI, RBI: Quiz – 2

Mensuration Quiz for IBPS, SBI, RBI: Quiz – 2

Mensuration plays a significant role in Quantitative Aptitude Section of banking exams such as IBPS, SBI and RBI PO and Clerk. You will get at least 2-3 questions from Mensuration in one of IBPS, SBI and RBI PO & clerk exam. So, aspirants should focus on Mensuration questions in detail. Here, we are providing you with the Mensuration questions quiz with the detailed solution so that you can easily prepare for Mensuration questions. We are providing here all-important latest pattern-based questions and Previous Year Questions of Mensuration of various Government Exam like IBPS, SBI, and RBI PO and Clerk exam. This Mensuration quiz we are providing is free. Attempt this Mensuration quiz to practice important questions with answers and solutions. And score better in IBPS, SBI and RBI PO and Clerk exam.

Mensuration Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam, IBPS PO & IBPS Clerk exam , IBPS RRB PO and assistant exam, LIC AAO ,LIC Assistant  and other competitive exam.

1. A hemispherical bowl of radius ‘R’ is melted to form four spheres of radius ‘r’. Find relation between their radii?
(a) 2R = r

(b) R = 2r

(c) R = 3r

(d) 4R = 3r

(e) 2R = 3r

Answer & Explanation

2. Perimeter of a square is equal to perimeter of a rectangle, if area of square is 576 and length of rectangle is two times that of breath. Find the area of rectangle?

(a) 502

(b) 508

(c) 510

(d) 512

(e) 524 sq. cm

Answer & Explanation

3. When a sphere is cut into two hemisphere the total surface area of two hemisphere is equal to the area of circle whose radius is equal to the side of square whose area is 144 cm². Then find the radius of sphere?

Answer & Explanation

4. A 90cm ×15cm sheet is bought for Rs 2700 . Circular plates of 1.5 cm radius are made by cutting the sheet. If shopkeeper wants to earn 20% profit, then find the S.P of each circular plate. Consider machining cost for each plate to be Rs.2.

(a) Rs. 24

(b) Rs.  15

(c) Rs.  32

(d) Rs. 56

(e) Rs. 8

Answer & Explanation

5. In given figure, a circle of radius 14 cm is inscribed in a rectangle whose length is 150% more than radius. Find area of shaded region?

(a) 280 cm²

(b) 350 cm²

(c) 320 cm²

(d) 364 cm²

(e) 410 cm²

Answer & Explanation

6. The radius and height of a cylinder are increased by 12% and 17% respectively. Find the percentage increase in its curved surface area?

(a) 35.41%

(b) 28.64%

(c) 31.04%

(d) 26.04%

(e) 25.04%

Answer & Explanation

7. The area of a circle is equal to the area of a rectangle whose perimeter equals to 35 m and breadth equal to 5.5 m. What is the area of the circle?

(a) 88 sq m

(b) 72 sq m

(c) 66 sq m

(d) 54 sq m

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation

8. Area of a given circle is 616 m². Perimeter of a rectangle is same as perimeter of circle. Find the diagonal of the rectangle if length of rectangle is 20% more than the breadth of the rectangle.

Answer & Explanation

9. The difference of the areas of two squares drawn on 2 line segments of different lengths is 32 cm². Find the length of the greater line segment, if one is longer than the other by 2 cm.

(a) 9 cm

(b) 12 cm

(c) 10 cm

(d) 8 cm

(e) 6 cm

Answer & Explanation

10. A cylinder having height 196 cm radius 14 cm is casted into ‘x’ number of cubes having side 7 cm. Find the value of ‘x’.

(a) 44

(b) 352

(c) 308

(d) 392

(e) 2816

Answer & Explanation

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