Area and Perimeter- Concepts and Formula

Area and Perimeter- Concepts and Formula

What is Area

In geometry, the area can be defined as the space occupied by a flat shape or the surface of an object or Area is the amount of space taken up by a 2D shape

What is Perimeter? 

In geometry, perimeter can be defined as the path or the boundary that surrounds a shape. It can also be defined as the length of the outline of a shape.


Perimeter of Square = 4 x side


Area of rectangle = Length x Breadth

Perimeter of Rectangle = 2 ( Length + Breadth )


where a, b, c are the sides of the triangle and,

Perimeter of Triangle = Sum of all side = a + b + c

Equilateral Triangle

Perimeter of Equilateral Triangle = 3 x side




Area of a parallelogram = Base x Height




Questions The area of a square with perimeter 48 cm is _____ ?

Answer  Perimeter = 4 x side
4 x side = 48

Side = 48/4 = 12
Area of square = side x side = 12 x 12 = 144 sq. cm

Questions.The perimeter of a rectangular field is 480 metres and the ratio between the length and the breadth is 5 : 3. The area is ______ ?

Answer  Let the length and breadth is 5x and 3x respectively
Perimeter of rectangle = 2(l+b)
480 = 2 ( 5x + 3x )
8x = 240
x = 30

So, length = 5x = 150, breadth = 3x = 90
Area = 150 x 90 = 13500 sq m

Questions. The area of a rectangle is 480 square metres. If the length is 20% more than the breadth, what is the breadth of the rectangular field?

Answer Let the breadth is B
Then, length = 120xB/100
Area = 480
Bx120xB/100 = 480
B 2 = 400, B = 20 metre


Question The area of a triangle is 216 cm2 and its sides are in the ratio 3 : 4 : 5. The perimeter of the triangle is_____ ?
Answer.  Let a = 3x, b= 4x, c=5x cm, s = (3+4+5)/2 = 6 cm

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